Creative process: Moore, Storms, Evans on 'EGOs' #5 cover

Beginning n February, writer Stuart Moore and artist Gus Storms embark on a new five-issue EGOs arc, called "Crunched." As noted in Image Comics' solicitations, "The narcissistic super-team of the future returns to battle an invisible threat to the galactic economy." To whet folks appetite for the upcoming arc, Moore, Storms and designer Brett Evans detailed for ROBOT 6 the steps leading up to the final cover design.

Stuart Moore

The new EGOs storyline is a five-parter called "Crunched," and we wanted a new, unified look to the five covers. Gus and I talked about it, both in person and at the New York Comic Con, while we were sharing a table. "Crunched" features a lot of new characters — in a way it's a mystery, with an assortment of suspects floating in and out of the story. We decided it would be striking to feature one or two characters per cover against a blank background. I sent Gus this list of possible cover subjects, based on which characters were featured in the individual issues:

Issue 5: Prisoner Seven or The CommanderIssue 6: FrostlineIssue 7: Metal Man or Prisoner SevenIssue 8: The Quantum Trust OR: [redacted]Issue 9: The Commander OR the younger Commander, maybe, from the War

Gus chose Prisoner 7 for the first cover, and he took it from there.

Gus Storms

Step 1 -- Thumbnails and concept: This is where Stuart and I debate the subject of the cover, in this case the relatively simple decision of which character to feature. We went with Prisoner 7, a new addition to the comic, in the front facing pose [as shown in the the upper-left].

Step 2 -- Under drawing: Where the work is actually done. Figuring out pose, posture, foot position, etc., all to convey, in this case, the casual menace of the featured character.

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