Creative process: Jack Katz pencils from 'The First Kingdom'

This week marks the release of the final collected volume of Jack Katz's  an epic series initially published in the 1970s and '80s. Titan Comics began reissuing Katz's magnum opus, which clocks in at an impressive 768 pages, in 2013. Each remastered volume was produced utilizing cleaned and restored art taken from high-resolution scans of Katz's original art pages, as well as being completely relettered. Titan also provided background information on the history of Katz's story, as well as extra material, such as character sketches as well as original drawings.

To mark the release, Titan Comics shared with ROBOT 6 some of the extras included in the final volume.

Here is Titan's official description of the final volume:


STORY BY: Jack KatzART BY: Jack KatzCOVER BY: Jack KatzPUBLISHER: Titan ComicsFORMAT: 112pp, HC, B/WPRICE: $19.99/$22.95 CAN/£14.99 UKRELEASE DATE: Wednesday November 19, 2014


After forty years in the telling, Jack Katz’s six-volume science fiction epic, The First Kingdom, reaches its phenomenal conclusion with Destiny!

A universe away from starships and interstellar deities, a single man searches desperately for the answers to life’s impossible questions. But while his pursuit may reveal the very mysteries of existence, will it also cost him his humanity? Published EXCLUSIVELY for the FIRST time by Titan Comics, witness the true origin of The First Kingdom in this incredible concluding chapter!


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