Creative process: Gabriel Hardman's rejected 'Kinski' cover

Fans of Gabriel Hardman's Kinski get a double treat this week, as the original Monkeybrain run of the series wraps up with the digital release of Issue 6, while at the same time Image Comics has collected all six issues in a $14.99 trade paperback.

To mark the occasion, ROBOT 6 reached out to Hardman for any bonus material he was willing to share . He obliged us with a rejected cover. He also offered the following explanation:

I rejected this in favor of the friendly puppy/orange background version because that one felt a little more earnestly straightforward. This one is trying too hard for my tastes. Also something about the black and white logo with a German name on a red background felt weirdly Third Reich-ish. That's definitely not the message I was looking to send.


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