Creative process: Brunner, Renzi on 'Wolverine and the X-Men' #11

At Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi's blog The Kids Stick Together, the artist and colorist have shared some behind-the-scenes pieces from their recent three-page collaboration with writer Jason Latour on Wolverine and the X-Men #11. The creators provide a great deal of insight, and rather than try to summarize it here, ROBOT 6 has cherry-picked a few fun items, with Renzi's permission. He assured us they will do at least do one additional post analyzing another page in the very near future.

Brunner on Renzi's work: "These pages don't work without Rico's colors, by design. I don't subscribe to the school of thought that says the art should work on it's own in black and white. That makes colors a fifth leg on the table, and I think comes from the days when they were limited, as a sort of fail-safe quality control."

To see how the final page turned out, plus much more creative insight, be sure to visit the creators' blog.

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