10 Most Creative Anime Mash-Up Cosplays

There are a lot of amazing mashup cosplays. Depending on where you live, you could actually probably go the rest of your life seeing at least one a day between cons and those special places across the world where artists are empowered to take their looks to the streets.

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The cosplays on this list range from funny to just straight badass and each give a special amount of attention to capturing both sides of what the piece takes inspiration from. Without further ado, here's our list of 10 crazy creative mashups in the cosplay world.

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10 Darth Pikachu by Nana Bear

It's always great to start with something cute. One thing that really stands out about this cosplay is that the Darth Vader side is so diluted between the ears and yellow tone that it almost looks like a completely unique character.

Perhaps it's the helmet that evokes a kind of tokusatsu villain vibe, though this look is a little cuter than what most toku villains are working with. Nana Bear really did a great job crafting something that looks simple, but probably took months to prepare.

9 by Ninjaneer Cosplay

Ninjaneer seems to have a thing for mashup Spidey suits, and this one inspired by Deku from My Hero Academia is pretty sweet. There's something about Spidey in forest green that adds a new dimension to the costume.

And there are details in the wrists and legs (which sadly had to be cropped) that show the care in what might seem like a simple lycra job. You can look at the suit in all its glory here, or just take our word for it.

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8 Thordoroki by xKiraKelly

Now, this is something else. This cosplay is one of three Marvel x My Hero Academia mashups from DragonCon 2018 that have gained some decent traction online (each of which made our list.)

It's hard as hell to pull off a mashup that looks like it could actually exist, which is why it's always so rewarding when somebody manages to. We're just all so invested in the characters as individual beings, and the fact that this look is able to stand on its own really says something about its designer.

7 Todoroki x Kaneki by Higinio Gonzalez

This is a really interesting one. What's great about it is that Higinio Gonzalez keeps each element of this cosplay intact from its original source. You could swap out the right pieces from this look and put it on a cosplay for either of the original characters and it would look just as good.

At the same time though, some might mistake this as a possessed Todoroki from a distance, and that's not a bad thing. How you process the mashup is half of the fun!

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6 Sailor Moon x Gundam by Coffeelocks Cosplay

Not only is this Sailor Moon x Gundam cosplay incredibly clean, but Coffeelocks shows a clear understanding of the feel of both shows in the presentation and energy. The armor isn't completely softened to lean into the Sailor Moon side, and similarly, the bubbly nature of a Sailor Scout comes through.

That takes a lot more effort than those dudes who put on a Sailor Moon outfit to be funny put into their cosplay before hitting the show floor. If only there were more cosplays like this and less of the other.

5 Bakugo x Iron Man by CutiePieSensei

Here's another of the Marvel x MHA mashups from DragonCon, this one of Bakugo and Iron Man. Like her peers, CutiePieSensei leaned more into the Iron Man side of things when deciding on the kind of energy she'd put out in this photo.

Still, perfect little details like the hair and mask make this another perfect blend of these worlds. The shirt piece even seems to take a bit from Marvel's Riri Williams, so either this is 3 characters in one or CutiePieSensei was the only one in her group not dressed as one of Marvel's Big Three.

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4 Captain America x Deku by MyLadyGabriella

This is the final cosplay from DragonCon 2018, and boy is it a sleek one. It's also one of the more subtle mashups on this list, with subtle details like the Captain America Star and shirt pattern distinguishing it from just a straight-up Deku cosplay.

It'll be exciting to see what this duo does next, but until then, readers can collectively keep adding these Marvel x MHA mashups, as well as all of the great cosplays on this list to their Pinterest boards. Go on, get to it!

3 Metapod Gijinka by Savage Suon

Oh come on, this is just plain cool! It's also the perfect example of how cosplays can take on a life of their own in the hands of the right creator. Savage Suon's mashup of Metapod and Gijinka is a great example of how mashups can take on an identity of their own in the right hands.

If it wasn't for the clear Metapod-influenced shield and helmet, one might mistake this for the Green Knight from Arthurian legend making his yearly appearance at the feast to challenge one of Arthur's court. That may not be exactly how the legend goes, but what is for sure is that this cosplay rocks.

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2 Pikachu x Deadpool by Mitch Vo

Pikachu and Deadpool are a marriage so obvious it's surprising more people don't do it. Mitch Vo's cosplay seems pretty straightforward, but where it truly shines is in the personality Vo puts into his performance as Pikapool (Deadpoolchu?).

In most other cases it would be an example of "not the cosplay, but the man behind it" but with little details like the Pokéball backpack, the cosplay itself is pretty damn great as well. Honestly, the only thing that could have made it better was some Ultra Ball Grenades!

1 Wakandan Sailor Scouts by greyloch

What's great about this cosplay is how real it feels. In the right part of the right city, this could probably just be a look to throw together when meeting with friends. It certainly wouldn't look out of place at a music festival, and its that kind of versatility that makes it so creative.

Though not as intricate as some of the other cosplays on this list, it has a lot of heart, which is almost more important when you're talking about a passion that many go into with nothing more than that.

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