Crazy Foam heads back to the tub, with DC Comics characters

By admitting you remember Crazy Foam, the shaving cream-like kids' soap, you're likely dating yourself, but let's take that risk. Why? Because, like Underoos, Crazy Foam is back -- and with DC Comics characters once again on the cans.

Launched in 1965 by American Aerosol Company, Crazy Foam was intended to make bath time fun for kids. As the parade of television commercials throughout the '70s and '80s demonstrated, children could spray copious amounts of Crazy Foam -- on themselves, on walls or one each other -- from colorful canisters featuring the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and Popeye. Instant fun!

Crazy Foam disappeared from stores, and bathtubs, sometime in the 1990s, but it's been resurrected Boston entrepreneur Josh Fink. Featuring licensed characters from DC Comics (in retro and modern designs) and Looney Tunes, the cans are available at Kroger, Walgreens.com and other retailers.

Bath time can be fun time with retro DC Comics-themed Crazy Foam 3-in-1 body wash/shampoo/conditioner! No longer must you use multiple shower products that don't have DC characters on them! Just don't overthink the fact that the Crazy Foam comes out of their mouths. #WonderWoman #Joker #Hygiene

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