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The 15 Craziest Fusions From The Dragon Ball Video Games

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The 15 Craziest Fusions From The Dragon Ball Video Games

The Dragon Ball video games are chock full of “what if?” stories. Sure, the games usually run through the plot of each of the Dragon Ball series, whether it’s Goku fighting Frieza in Dragon Ball Z, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta going toe-to-toe Omega Shenron at the end of Dragon Ball GT or a downloadable episode for Xenoverse 2 focused on Dragon Ball SuperBut the exciting parts have always been the stories or characters that didn’t show up in the shows or movies.

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Enter fusions. Fusions have been an integral part of the Dragon Ball games for a while, going back to Dragon Ball Z: Budokai on the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube. They continued to be a part of the Budokai and Budokai Tenkaichi games, popping up in the newer entries as well as spawning their own spin-off, Dragon Ball Fusions, a Nintendo 3DS RPG that makes all your wildest fan fusion dreams come true. Seriously, this game gets buck-wild very quickly. And maybe it doesn’t get much better than Gogeta, Gotenks or Vegito (we know they were often the highlights of the Dragon Ball anime) — but these 15 insane fusions from the Dragon Ball games might try and prove you wrong.


Cellin could be easily described as Perfect Cell’s worst nightmare. During a “what if?” scenario in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, Cell has a nightmare in which he accidentally absorbs Krilling, shrinking to the stature of one of his Cell Jr. clones, turning orange and purple and looking very, very angry. Cell was trying to absorb Android 18 after taking down Android 17 previously. Krillin, of course, pushes her out of the way.

At the time, Cellin was incredibly jarring to see, but it was pretty hilarious. Oddly enough, Cellin also sports Krillin’s six dots on his forehead and the Turtle Hermit symbol on the back of his body. While still mostly controlled by Cell, this new form would have surely hindered Cell’s plot even further. Relax, though, it was only a dream.


While Gokule made his first playable appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, he actually showed up briefly in the anime. When Goku returns to earth with the Potara earrings, his plan is to fuse with his son Gohan. Unfortunately Gohan gets absorbed by Super Buu before he gets a chance, so Goku is forced to decide between Hercule and Dende as his fusion partner. Luckily, neither happened.

But that wasn’t the end of Gokule, as he’s appeared in a few games since, sporting Hercule’s afro and facial hair, Goku’s serious eyes and a new Ki with a blend of colors from the clothes of both Goku and Mr. Satan. In a way, this fusion is really just Goku with a different appearance, as he has access to everything from Kamehameha to an Ultra Spirit Bomb. Plus, he’s a major show off.


Of all of the fusions on this list, Karoly might be one of the least likely to actually happen. For one, Broly’s existence is mostly limited to the films, in which he is killed and returns multiple times. For another, it’s unlikely Goku would want to fuse with someone so unpredictable and rage-filled. The only thing that’d be worse is Bio-Broly. It would also be much more terrifying.

That all being said, Karoly’s appearance in Dragon Ball Fusions is exciting, to say the least, and this Legendary Super Saiyan in more ways than one sports Broly’s typical get-up, but it’s now in Goku’s signature orange color. Karoly also appears in the mobile game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle as part of the “Fused World” event.


Chiaohan, as he appears in Dragon Ball Fusions, is an amalgamation of the three-eyed Tien and his usual pal Chiaotzu, When the two fuse, Tien shrinks to the stature of Chiaotzu, but retains his third eye and green and black cloak. Since the two spent so much time together throughout the Dragon Ball series, their fighting prowess is a force to be reckoned with, focusing on Ki blasts and incredible strategy.

Surprisingly, the game lists Chiaohan’s personality as having a strong dislike of losing, which is something we might think of as being more akin to a fighter like Yamcha than these two. Overall, Chiaohan looks pretty cool, and with the psychic powers of Tien and the nimble qualities of Chiaotzu, we wouldn’t want to meet him in a fight.


Gorillin is absolutely one of the fusions we would have loved to see way back in the days of the original Dragon Ball series. Appearing for the first time in Dragon Ball Fusions, this fighter has the combined strength of Kid Goku and young Krillin. This, of course, means the fighter has access to an incredible amount of skills and abilities. These include Goku’s Flying Nimbus, a full-powered Kamehameha blast, and an insane amount of acrobatic skill.

The two can fuse and de-fuse at will using the Metamo-Ring, a special accessory that basically allows for the power of a Potara Earring fusion, without the risk of staying fused together forever (though we know that wasn’t a problem from Goku and Vegeta). The game also states that Gorillin’s power is influenced heavily by their friendship.


OK, stick with us for a second. Yamta, the fusion between Yamcha and Vegeta sounds like one of the worst ideas possible. The two couldn’t be more different from each other in basic personality — not to mention the disdain they share for each other, having both dated Bulma during the Dragon Ball anime. However, Dragon Ball Fusions sets up Yamta to be a pretty dangerous foe.

Despite their mutual hate for each other, the game states they work “surprisingly well together,” given the fact that they are both incredibly confident. Yamta’s appearance is a bit scary, thought, as it’s basically Vegeta sporting a Turtle Hermit outfit, facial scars and his signature haircut — with a long mullet. Yeah, we’re not huge fans of the mullet either.


This might be the one fusion we never knew we wanted, as it makes total sense, at least from a performance standpoint. Dragon Ball Fusions introduces the world to Ginyuman, a combination of fan-favorites Captain Ginyu and Gohan as the Great Saiyaman. Of course, Ginyuman has wonderful poses, though he basically just looks like Captain Ginyu wearing the Great Saiyaman outfit.

The real power of Ginyuman comes from his abilities though. While not really retaining anything from Gohan other than his size and stature, Ginyuman has a suped up version of his signature move, Super Milky Cannon, which deals major damage. He can also still swap bodies with people, which kind of defeats the purpose of fusion. Oh well, at least the Great Saiyaman lives on!


While this is surely a fusion we all would have loved to see in the anime, we can’t say we’re all too pumped at the execution or appearance of Vegenks, a fusion of Future Trunks and Vegeta. Vegenks outfit is mostly inspired by Future Trunks, what with the black pants, orange belt and orange shoes, but his jacket turns white and yellow, surely taking inspiration from Vegeta’s Saiyan armor. The hair is the crazier part, as it’s half blue/purple and half black, styled like Vegeta’s.

Vegenks appears in Dragon Ball Fusions, but a Potara version of the character, Vegeks, appears in Dragon Ball Heroes. Vegeks honestly looks way cooler in appearance, sporting black and yellow Saiyan armor with hair more like Trunks’ and a sort-of kilt piece of body armor. We dig it.


Another character whose appearance isn’t so great is Tiencha, a fusion of Tien and Yamcha that first appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube. The character shows up as part of a “what-if?” scenario, and even has some failed fusions, similar to when Goten and Trunks first attempted the Fusion Dance.

Tiencha’s look is actually a lot like Gotenks. In fact, the character sports the same dual-colored vest, white pants and green sash that the Goten/Trunks fusion has. But what gets weird is Tiencha’s head, which sports Yamcha’s eyes, Tien’s third eye and baldness — and a receded hairline that bookends with Yamcha’s short haircut. Tiencha’s signature move is the Dodohameha, a combination of Yamcha’s Kamehameha and Tien’s Dodon Ray.


Future Gohanks would have come from Future Trunks’ original timeline, had he not journeyed through time to get help from the Z Fighters. First appearing in Dragon Ball Heroes and later in Dragon Ball Fusions, future Gohanks might be one of the coolest fusions we’ve seen — mostly because the character keeps it simple in appearance.

In a similar fashion to Gotenks, Future Gohanks has a yellow and blue vest, turquoise sash and white pants, topped off with Future Trunks’ (or Gohan’s, we guess) signature sword. The characters’ hair looks similar in shape to Gohan’s but with a stripe of silver from Trunks. He gets his signature move from Vegeta — Final Flash — and uses it in Dragon Ball Fusions. He can also put up a Ki barrier, similar to what Future Gohan can do in this alternate timeline.


What would happen if the evil King Piccolo from Dragon Ball fused with the diabolical Demon King Dabura? Well, you’d almost certainly get Demon King Daccolo, a hideous fusion with the ability to generate and control demonic forces — and regenerate himself. First appearing in Dragon Ball FusionsDemon King Daccolo sports Dabura’s Majin symbol on his forehead and Piccolo’s Demon mark on his chest.

Dabura’s trades his pink color for green and sports a darker blue outfit, not too dissimilar from his canon uniform. Additionally, Dragon Ball Fusions says that Dabura’s horns fused with Piccolo’s antenna. This fusion is a result of the Metamo-Rings, which means the two can fuse and de-fuse at will. If the goal is domination, we’re not sure that they’d want to do the latter, though.


This fusion of Goku and Beerus has only appeared once, exclusively, in Dragon Ball Fusions as a special QR code character. But, Gorus looks just as you’d expect, pulling in equal attributes from both Goku and Beerus. Gorus physically looks like Goku, sporting his stature, orange Ki and signature black hair, but he’s also purple, dressed in Beerus Egyptian-inspired garb and he has two long purple ears.

Fans of Dragon Ball Super will realize that there’s not much in the universe that could stop this fusion of what is essentially two gods — each with the training that other fighters could never hope to get. It would be cool to see this amalgamation in action one day in the anime. Who knows? It wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened.


While surely not the strongest of these hypothetical fusions, this combo from Dragon Ball Fusions might be the funniest. Majin Satan is what you’d get if Majin Buu absorbed Hercule/Mr. Satan. Since the two end up being pretty great friends, we could see this working out. The character sports Mr. Satan’s signature afro and facial hair, as well as his championship fighting outfit and cape.

Majin Satan is more similar in stature to Majin Buu, though, and retain his pink coloring. Of course, Majin Satan’s abilities are mostly Buu-inspired, led by “Present For You,” Buu’s move in which he hands you a present and then it explodes. While Majin Satan might not be able to compete with some of these other fusions, it’s still one of the craziest we’ve seen.


Say goodbye to whichever planet these guys are on because we’re not sure anyone could go toe-to-toe with this guy. Appearing in Dragon Ball Fusions, Jenembu is the result of Kid Buu absorbing Super Janemba, a villain who made his appearance in the feature film Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. Between Janemba’s incredible power shown in the film and Kid Buu’s near universe-ending abilities, these two are match made in HFIL.

Though, their appearance could use some work as it looks awfully edgy. Utilizing Kid Buu’s stature, Janembu is red like its namesake, but sports black Majin-branded pants and blue gauntlets on its arms and legs. Janembu also has a three-pronged headpiece that is colored like Kid Buu, but we wouldn’t try to pull that thing off — it’s probably attached.


Kallohan is the greatest-looking fusion, but had this happened during the original run of Dragon Ball Z, we’re not sure we’d be able to recover from it. Kallohan, first appearing in Dragon Ball Fusions, is a combination of Piccolo and Gohan — mentor and mentee — with the wit, power, strategy and intellect of both of them.

Kallohan is mostly Namekian, but sports Gohan’s haircut and Ki, though more closely resembles Piccolo without a shirt on — at least from what we can remember. Kallohan’s signature moves pull from both Piccolo and Gohan, with the keystones being the Hellzone Grenade and the Kamehameha Beam Cannon — something that looks almost as cool as it sounds. This fusion would have been between Piccolo and adult Gohan, but based on their friendship, we think the baddies would have a hard time taking them down.

What are your favorite fusions? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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