Craven: <i>Scream 5</i> A Safe Bet

Scream 4 opened earlier this year, and while it didn't manage to perform as well as its predecessors, it did actually turn out to be the best in the series after the first movie (that's admittedly not saying much, but still ... better is a good thing!). There was talk at the time of the latest movie's release that it was intended to be the first in a new trilogy, but it went away when the movie wasn't a blowout success. Now there's some new info on that, compliments of franchise creator Wes Craven.

"The odds are that there will be [a Scream 5]," he said in an interview with MovieWeb on the eve of the coming Blu-ray release of Scream 4. "It is something that Bob Weinstein wants to do. He tends to do what he wants to do."

"So I am inclined to think that there will be [another sequel]. Whether I will be a part of it or not? I don't know. My contract gives me the first look. If they show me something that is really wonderful? Of course I will be a part of it."

For those who don't have a talent for reading between the lines, Craven is essentially saying that he'll do more Scream so long as it doesn't suck. And since it's in The Weinstein Company's best interests to keep his name attached to the franchise, it's a safe bet that steps will be taken to ensure that Craven doesn't think it sucks.

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