Craig Thompson teases three new projects

You would think that having written a 600-page epic that everyone is talking about, Craig Thompson might rest on his laurels for a while, or at least go to Disneyland. But he's already back in the studio, working on not one but three projects, and he has a snippet of art from each one on his blog.

All three have very different concepts and looks: An all-ages comic, which has sort of a magical look to it; a "nonfiction/essay-like book"; and an erotic graphic novel. "Habibi explores sexual trauma," he writes. "This one’s to be a book with actual (drawn) sex."

Thompson seems to be expanding his horizons in a number of different directions at once, and if all three of these come to fruition, he will have an extraordinarily well-balanced body of work. In the meantime, he promises to share bits of his progress as he goes along, as he did with Habibi, so we can expect lots more teases in the months to come.

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