Craig Robinson, Ken Marino and Duplass Brothers Land Pilots

The wheels of production keep on turning as we get closer to the next television season. This is the point in the cycle when studios and networks have most of their pitches in and are deciding which ones to give pilot orders. As such, expect plenty of announcements in the coming weeks.

NBC has a pair of potential new shows heading to the next development level. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Craig Robinson will re-team with The Office and Parks & Recreation co-creator Greg Daniels on a new comedy. This currently untitled show follows Robinson as a legitimately good musician who winds up teaching music to middle-school kids and dealing with all the complications that come from the new gig. The Office writer and producer Owen Ellickson will write and executive produce on the series.

THR also reports that Ken Marino (The State, Party Down) is joining NBC's The Gates, a comedy based on a British sitcom that's also set to star Aasif Mandvi (The Last Airbender) and Kathleen Rose Perkins (Episodes). The series revolves around the gates of the school where they drop off and pick up their children and also interact with the other parents. Merino plays a nice guy married to Perkins, who sounds like something of a control freak. Meanwhile, Mandvi is the "super-dad" whom Merino's character can't help but compare himself to. The series was created by King of Queens producers Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith.

HBO also got in on the pilot-announcements recently. According to THR, the cable network has decided to give Jay and Mark Duplass' series Togetherness a shot. You might recognize the Brothers Duplass as the midwives on Fox's The Mindy Project or as the writers and directors behind movies like The Puffy Chair, Jeff, Who Lives at Home and The Do-Deca-Pentathlon. Mark also stars in FX's The League. Togetherness focuses on a pair of couples trying to keep themselves together while also going after their own goals.

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