EXCL. PREVIEW: Image's Coyotes Unleashes 'Mythic-Level Bloodbath'

Playwright Sean Lewis made his comic book debut at Image Comics as writer of 2015's Saints, a religious-themed nine-issue miniseries illustrated by Benjamin Mackey. He followed that up with this year's The Few, a six-issue sci-fi series illustrated by Hayden Sherman.

Lewis' return to Image is imminent, with the November-debuting Coyotes, illustrated by Caitlin Yarsky. Here's the publisher's official description of the series:

Women are disappearing. A legion of wolves roam the border, hunting them down, and a band of survivors have come together, ready to wage war.Detective Frank Coffey is struggling to wrap his head around this mythic-level bloodbath when he meets Red, a little girl with a secret—and a sword.

Lewis spoke about Coyotes in a January interview with Paste.

"I’ve been working on a book for a little while called Coyotes with an artist named Caitlin Yarsky," Lewis told Paste. "She’s really fantastic; she’s coming out of the video game world. It’s a mythical take on Juarez, Mexico. Women are disappearing, and this young girl is being groomed by the women in her village to be their champion and find out what’s happening. It’s funny -- I’ve had two books that don’t use as much narration and have this much sparseness. Coyotes is a complete 180 from that. There’s a lot of narration, and it looks more like a storybook."

Coyotes #1 is scheduled for release on Nov. 8. CBR has the first look at four pages from the issue (with some NSFW language), along with the cover.

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