<i>Cowboys</i> Steal Wilde From <i>House</i>

When Fox's House returns for a seventh season in the fall, it'll be missing a character. It turns out that Olivia Wilde, whose character took a leave of absence from Princeton‑Plainsboro at the end of Monday's season finale, is also taking her own leave from the hit series to go fight off an alien invasion.

House executive producer Katie Jacobs told Entertainment Weekly that Wilde will return to the show, once she's finished shooting Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens, and that her absence fit into existing plans for her character's storyline:

Olivia will be there at the very beginning of the season, and then she will not be there for a period of time... The two things — the dates that she was going to be away and the story line [we wanted to tell] — worked out. When the story unfolds, it will [all make] sense.

According to EW, Cowboys' shooting schedule is likely to overlap with House's by "at least two months." Fans suffering Wilde withdrawal will have to console themselves with her appearances in Tron Legacy, due out December, instead.

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