10 Things You Need to Remember Before Cowboy Bebop Comes to Netflix

From what we know so far about the Netflix's Cowboy Bebop, John Cho, known for his comedic chops in the Harold & Kumar franchise and as the romantic leading man in Selfie, will be playing space bounty hunter, Spike Spiegel. Unfortunately, Cho suffered an ankle injury during a stunt on set, which has halted production. While Cho heals and gets some well-deserved rest, this is a great opportunity to catch up on the popular anime series.

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Jet Black, Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Edward, and their pet dog, Ei, are all part of the bounty hunter crew on board the spaceship known as Bebop. Because Earth has become almost uninhabitable due to climate change, outer-space became a gateway for colonization. Since space is the only way to find any work, Spike and his crew make most of their money by chasing after wanted criminals. Unfortunately, Spike's past comes back to haunt him, placing his entire crew in danger.

While anxious anime fans await the highly anticipated Netflix premiere of their cult series, here are about 10 things newcomers and longtimers should know about Cowboy Bebop.

10 A Bad Man

Like many complex characters, Spike has a horrible history of committing heinous sins. Never a good man, Spike used to be a hired hit-man, who previously worked for the violent criminal organization known as The Red Dragon Syndicate.

Spike finally grew a heart when when he fell in love with a mysterious woman named Julia. But just because he stopped being heartless, that does not mean he deserves any kind of redemption. After faking his death, Spike feels disillusioned with the future and argues his second chance at life is worthless.

9 Julia

Not only is the mysterious Julia the love of Spike's life, she was also romantically involved with Vicious. One night, Spike was suffering blood loss from his wounds and stumbled onto Julia's apartment. After patching up his wounds and nursing him back to health, Julia started a secret affair with Spike.

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Because leaving the Red Dragon Syndicate was a very dangerous thing to do, Julia and Spike were supposed to meet at a graveyard. Unfortunately, Vicious found out about their concealed rendezvous and prevented Julia from reaching her destination.

8 A Good Cop

Before becoming a bounty hunter, Jet Black was a member of the Inter-Solar System Police force (ISSP). Though Jet was a good cop, his partner, Fad, was a crooked cop who took bribe money from the European Syndicate.

Fad had been ordered by the European Syndicate to kill his partner. While in pursuit of a criminal known as Udai Taxim, Jet didn't realize he was being set up by his partner. Fad pulled the trigger and shot Jet, which is how he lost his arm in the line of duty. After losing his arm, Jet was given a mechanical replacement.

7 Made For Fishing

The spaceship known as Bebop was not designed to transport criminals. The Bebop was originally conceived to be a fishing boat. The front part of Bebop is supposed to look like a seagoing vessel, especially with its V-shaped hull.

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Because of the corruption within the ISSP, Jet decided to retire, handed in his badge, and bought a shipping boat to live out the rest of his days. After realizing he needed to be part of the action, Jet fixed up the interior of his ship, bought better equipment, and installed a communications system.

6 The Socialite 

As a prominent member of high society, Faye Valentine was born to wealthy parents. Because everything was handed to her on a silver platter, Faye was the most popular girl in high school and her cheerleader skills boosted her self-confidence.

Everything would change for Faye when she and her parents were traveling on their luxury spacecraft. Due to an unforeseen accident, her parents died on the spacecraft and left Faye in cryogenic sleep. The effects of cryogenic sleep caused Faye to lose her memories and forced her to live a life as a vagrant.

5 The Enemy

Faye Valentine didn't start out as a trusted ally to the Bebop crew. Jet Black and Spike were trying to collect a bounty on Faye's head when they first encountered her.

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While living on the run, Faye decided to commit illegal small scams and resorted to stealing food in order to survive. Due to her new personality, Faye developed trust issues, refusing to allow herself to get close to anyone. Even after joining the Bebop crew, Faye kept to herself, mostly thinking one day she would have to leave first before Spike and Jet would eventually abandon her.

4 The Orphan

Before becoming known as the hacker Radical Edward, the child prodigy had been abandoned by her father, Mr. Appledelhi. In an extreme case of forgetfulness, Mr. Appledelhi was so consumed by his work that he actually failed to remember to pick up Edward from daycare.

Moving from one family to another, Edward decided to stay put at the orphanage run by Sister Clara. At the orphanage, Edward gained a best friend, who was interested in computer science. After leaving the orphanage, Edward decided to name her computer, Tomato, after her best friend.

3 The Eccentric Genius

Edward is an eccentric genius, she is easily distracted by whatever comes her way. Acting odd sometimes, Edward has a tendency to blurt things out on a whim and start talking to herself.

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While singing nursery rhymes, Edward repeats the last words of the people speaking to her. If you ask Edward a question, be prepared for a meaningless phrase that sounds like utter nonsense. In order to get her family reunion,  Edward hacks into the system and puts a bounty on her innocent father, in order for Spike and Jet to track him down.

2 Spike's Fate

Spike's fate in the series finale is open to interpretation. Whether or not you believe he lived or died, Spike's final confrontation with Vicious left them all bloody.

Drenched in his own blood, Spike stumbled down the stairs when the surviving members of the Red Dragon cornered him. Spike raises his hand, points his finger at them, as if he were holding an imaginary gun, and says, "Bang!" before falling to the floor. Did Spike fall because of the heavy blood loss? Or did he hit the ground because there was no more life left in him?

1 The Cast

Besides John Cho, most of the cast has already been filled out. Mustafa Shakir, who played the villain Bushmaster in the second season of Luke Cage, has landed the role of Jet Black. Daniella Pineda, recognizable as the quirky comic relief Zia in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, will play Faye Valentine. Seen in The Boys and Suburbicon, Alex Hassell will be playing Spike's nemesis, Vicious. Revenge star, Elena Satine, is playing the mysterious Julia in the Netflix sci-fi drama.

The only role left to cast for the show is currently Edward.

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