Cowboy Bebop: 10 Stunning Cosplay That Look Just Like the Characters

For better or for worst the Netflix series is still a while away, so let's take some time to admire some cosplay from the iconic series. Cowboy Bebop combines an unforgettable soundtrack with a sci-fi epic all about space cowboys trying to get their bounty. From the action, gunfights, and space exploration, there are many reasons why Cowboy Bebop is considered a classic!

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And with that classical appeal comes the cosplay. Talented people from all over the globe seem to enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters from the series. So let's take a look at 10 stunning Cowboy Bebop Cosplay that look just like the characters.

10 Jet Black By fooprawn

Jet Black by fooprawn

Jet Black is the undisputed leader of the Bebop crew. Jet Black is a policeman turned bounty hunter that acts as a father figure to the rest of the crew. Mature and wise, he earns the title of Papa of the Bebop even if the other members don't want to recognize him as such.

Calm, collected, and utterly a badass, Redditor fooprawn gives us a perfect rendition of Jet Black cosplay. The old man is just about to take a drag of his cigar, in a scene that wouldn't be out of place in the anime. It does seem hard for old dogs to give up bad habits, after all.

9 Radical Edward By Rocknamlee

Radical Edward by RocknamLee

If Jet Black is the father of the Bebop than Radical Edward is the odd daughter. Edward is the unparalleled super-hacker that eventually finds her way to the Bebop and serves as a good contrast to the more mature members of the ship. If there is anything else she brings to the show, it is her ability to bring light-hearted moments to the more dim and grim universe of the series.

Rocknamlee (picture by Eleventhphotograph.com) seems to embrace that oddball personality in her cosplay. It doesn't take much to cosplay Edward. Just a loose shirt, some tight shorts, an undershirt, and a set of red hair, but Rocknamlee's personality in this picture really sells the look.

8 Mad Pierrot By Tjen Tang

Mad Pierrot - Tjen Tang

It is always fun to see someone cosplay a minor character in the series. Even if some of them only lasted an episode, they can still leave enough of an impression that certainly warrants some cosplay. Mad Pierrot definitely qualifies for that honor.

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Mad Pierrot underwent an experiment that resulted in giving him superhuman powers like super strength, speed, and a shield that can reflect bullets. It also created a madman that dresses like a French clown. "Mad" Pierrot is no understatement, and it shows in his character and Tjen Tang's cosplay. The outfit and his big insane smile a tribute to the crazy character that gave Spike plenty of trouble.

7 Cowboy Andy By KenEden

Cowboy Andy by KenEden

In Cowboy Bebop there tends to be two types of crazy. There is a fun version of crazy like Radical Edward. There is also the dangerous version of crazy like Mad Pierrot. Thankfully, Cowboy Andy seems to be the former.

Taking the "cowboy" in Cowboy Bebop bit too seriously, Andy dresses and acts like a rootin' tootin' cowboy from head to toe and gives Spike no end of trouble because of it. Every part of his fantastic outfit recreated faithfully by KenEden (picture by Cosplay Photographers). The only thing he is missing is the horse. Someone get this guy a horse named Onyx, stat!

6 Jet Black Alternative Suit By Jet_Texas

Jet Black Alternative Suit by Jet_Texas

Papa Bebop looks good in a lot of outfits, but he especially makes this number look awesome. Taking away his more casual attire, Jet is known to dress up on occasion in a suit just like this. Quite the step up from his usual outfit on the Bebop.

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He is older than the rest of the crew but that's probably part of the reason why he has so much more class. Jet_Texas (picture by Pongo) giving us a good look at the man in his Sunday's best. He even makes the Ein plush look good by association!

5 Julia By Most Flogged

Julia by Most Flogged

Mostly just a part of Spike's past, Julia is only relevant beyond a flashback during the last episodes of the anime. She is mostly an enigmatic woman that appears to be something of a femme fetale for Spike Spiegel.

Her time in the show was short, but it sure was impactful. Most Flogged (picture by Dtjaaaam.com) giving us a good look at this elusive beauty. A woman of style and grace, it is no wonder that Spike fell for her so long ago. To the point where she was a main motivation for him throughout the series.

4 Vicious By Cerulean Draco

Vicious by CeruleanDraco

Vicious is the other side of the coin that is Spike's past. A good friend of his in their younger days, several disagreements have turned him into a vicious enemy of the space cowboy. It all leading to the climactic finale of the series, where the two finally get the chance to settle things.

As it turns out, good Vicious cosplayers are as elusive as the character in question. Thankfully, CeruleanDraco (picture by Dtjaaaam.com) seems up to snuff to bring the sadistic character out of the TV screen and into the real world, recreating his usual duds for all to see.

3 Punch And Judy (Big Shot) By Simrell And Her Boyfriend

Punch and Judy (Big Shot) by Simrell and her Boyfriend

Sorry, guys! They're both taken! Big Shot is the show within the show in Cowboy Bebop. Led by an enthusiastic pair of hosts that dress in cowboy outfits (or at least most of one for one particular host), they lay down the dirt on the latest bounties in the universe. Often setting the mark for who the crew will takedown in the episode.

Simrell and her boyfriend (picture by Thomas Haraikawa) present us with the perfect couple cosplay in the series. Taking a step back from the major character, they faithfully recreate a recurring but minor part of the show in full detail. Shucks howdy!

2 Faye Valentine By Yaya Han

Mai Valentine by Yaya Han

Spike isn't the only one with issues relating to their past. Though Faye Valentine takes it in a completely different direction. Unlike the others, the past doesn't haunt her. It doesn't do anything all. The big sister of the Bebop having forgotten everything about it.

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Thankfully, this cosplay is unforgettable. Done by none other than the famous model and cosplayer Yaya Han, she proves once again why she is one of the top cosplayers in the field. Her Faye Valentine cosplay is just about as perfect as one could expect out of someone of her caliber.

1 Spike Spiegel By Lan___Mine

Spike by Lan__Mine

If there is one thing needed for a good Spike Spiegel cosplay it isn't the suit, it isn't his gun, and it isn't having a cigarette on hand for whenever the mood strikes. No, the fact of the matter is, the most important part of cosplaying Spike is to have the correct amount of fluffiness to your hair.

Maybe it is natural or maybe it is not, but either way, Redditor Lan___Mine (picture by Nick Santrizos Photography) seems to nail that aspect of the character. The young man recreating the perfect fro to go along with the rest of the costume. He makes a striking resemblance to the character to be sure.

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