Cowboy Bebop: 10 Facts You Never Knew About Faye Valentine

Regularly hailed as one of the best animes of all time, Cowboy Bebop takes its place among the classics thanks to a riveting mixture of science fiction and westerns with mature discussions of the very human themes of existentialism, loneliness, and the difficulty of escaping one's past.

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Faye Valentine is Spike Spiegel's badass partner in crime. Faye became a hot favorite among fans of the series right from her first appearance. Here are 10 facts you need to know about the character.

10 She Was Deemed Almost Too Hot To Handle

Usually, the first thing viewers notice about Faye is that she is a very attractive woman who frequently dresses in revealing outfits. Also, she isn't afraid of using her appearance to get what she wants, meaning there are quite a few risque scenes involving Faye peppered throughout the series.

During its original network run in Japan, the show got canceled after the first few episodes. Broadcasters decided the adult nature of the show's content was inappropriate for audiences. It was only after pushback from fans that the entire first season of the series was released.

9 She Used To Be A Happy-Go-Lucky Gal

Faye wasn't always the hardened, cynical bounty hunter who fans know and love. In her youth, she was a cheerful and friendly girl, even acting as a cheerleader at her school. It was a trip in space with her wealthy parents that proved to be a defining point in her life, and not in a good way.

Their ship suffered an accident, her parents were killed, and Faye's injuries were so severe that she was cryogenically frozen to await a day when there would be a cure for her condition. When she finally awoke, fifty-four years had passed.

8 Her Early Experiences Messed Her Up

If all of that wasn't bad enough, Faye suffered from Amnesia. She had no recollection of her past life and found herself in the care of a couple of con men, who left her burdened with a huge amount of their debts. Faye was forced to take up a life of crime to pay off the money.

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It was this early experience that soured Faye's worldview and turned her into the bitter woman we see in the series. She was scared of ever trusting anyone again and distrust became her natural attitude towards humanity.

7 Her Looks Are Her Weapon

Many people who are unfamiliar with Cowboy Bebop automatically assume that Faye's character is a token hot female character, only meant to stand around in revealing outfits without contributing anything to the actual plot. In reality, her revealing outfits are a part of Faye's arsenal, deliberately designed to get her out of sticky situations.

Faye frequently turns the tables on those who seek to exploit her looks. She is a smart young woman who knows what she wants and is willing to use (almost) any means necessary to get it.

6 She Became Nicer After Meeting Her Past Self

For the longest time, her painful past and amnesiac memory kept Faye deeply distrustful of everyone around her. However, one day Faye found a Betamax cassette that her younger self had made back in high school. Watching herself being so young and carefree, Faye realized she need not stay trapped within the emotional walls she had built all around her.

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It was this encounter that served as a catalyst for a change in Faye's behavior, as she learned to be more trusting and not to believe that everyone she got close to would betray her.

5 There's A Sad Reason Behind Her Spouting Dialogues

Faye has a habit of speaking in solemn, impressive sounding dialogues that she clearly heard elsewhere, like 'Show no mercy,' or 'Money makes the world go round.' While this might feel like unnecessary grandstanding to some, there is a reason she talks this way.

Since Faye has very little recollections of her past and spent most of her life being cryogenically frozen, she has not had time to develop a personality that is truly her own. When she has to act natural, she resorts to mouthing famous dialogues to come across as more normal than she actually is.

4 She Gambles To Get Out Of Trouble

Faye is shown to have a pretty serious gambling addiction and spends most of her downtime at the casinos. She's never been able to win a big amount and ends up losing most of her money. Nevertheless, she still keeps trying, and there is a sad reason behind that as well.

Faye found herself saddled with a mountain of debt after waking up from her frozen sleep. She was also handed the debt incurred by the conmen who brought her back to life. The only way she can ever hope to pay off such enormous debt is by betting big and hitting the jackpot. Although that hasn't happened yet.

3 She Feels Most Vulnerable Around Spike Spiegel

The main character of the show and the head of the team, Spike's relationship with Faye is tumultuous for most of the series. The two frequently butt heads and argue over everything. Spike is also often suspicious of Faye's motives, while she has a natural resistance to getting close to anyone.

Over time, Faye finds herself growing attracted to Spike. Part of the reason is that he never drools over her like other men, and she comes to realize he is a genuinely good person underneath the rough exterior. Faye's genuine affection for Spike makes him one of the very few people she opens up to.

2 She's From Singapore

For most of the series, Faye's background was wrapped in mystery. She herself gave conflicting accounts of her origin, once claiming that she belongs to a gypsy tribe from Romania. The truth is, Faye herself did not know the truth about her past until she got a Betamax cassette from her younger self delivered at her doorstep.

Using the tape, Faye was able to trace her roots back to her home in Singapore, where she discovered that she had once lived a life of wealth and luxury with parents who loved and protected her.

1 She Gets The Most Character Development

Despite being a supporting character, Faye gets the most amount of character development throughout the series. In the beginning, she is opportunistic and uses the other members of the team for her ends.

Then she begins to develop a real affection for them, and this scares her so much that she tries to run away to live alone again. By the end of the show, Faye learns to let her guard down and even admits she views the other members of the crew as her family.

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