Covers of the Week -- June 13

Each Monday, staff writers Kevin Melrose and Steve Sunu discuss their five favorite covers from the previous Wednesday's new comic releases, selecting from among them CBR's Cover of the Week. Then, at the end of each month, they choose from the weekly winners -- you guessed it! -- a Cover of the Month.

This week marks the first time there isn't an from either Marvel or DC Comics among our favorites as Alan Fisher drives like hell, Max Damage goes out with a bang, Buffy Summers gets existential (again), and the world comes to an end -- not with a bang but with two covers.

Keep reading for Kevin and Steve's favorites from the week of June 13, and then discuss your choices in the CBR forums.

There's an old expression that eyes are the window to the soul, and Phil Noto brings that saying to life with this "Buffy" cover. His gorgeous pencils depict Buffy's eyes in the background while her floating head sits square in the center of the piece surrounded by her insecurities. The design alone is something special, but Noto elevates it even further by giving Buffy's hair a windswept look as though she's caught in the middle of a vortex of self-doubt. -- Steve Sunu

Using sketchy and somewhat scattered lines for the cover of the final issue of "Incorruptible," Garry Brown captures the concept of instability through his linework. The concentric circles only reinforce the chaos in his character, causing them to actually look like they are in the middle of an incredible battle. The use of color is also impressive; pay close attention to the twinge of red over the sea of blue. -- Steve Sunu

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