Covers of the Week -- February 29

Each Monday, staff writers Kevin Melrose and Steve Sunu discuss their five favorite covers from the previous Wednesday's new comic releases, selecting from among them CBR's Cover of the Week. Then, at the end of each month, they choose from the weekly winners -- you guessed it! -- a Cover of the Month.

This week, the wall-crawler goes on a spacewalk, the Shade watches, a shooter blows smoke, X marks the spot and an angel steps in.

Keep reading for Kevin and Steve's favorites from the week of February Feb 29, as well as the February Cover of the Month, then discuss your choices in the CBR forums.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" #680, by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Klaus Janson and Frank D'Armata (Marvel)

It's nearly impossible not to like this cover, from the obvious incongruity of your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man -- a character so closely linked to New York City - floating in space to the cables serving as almost McFarlane-esque web lines to the wonderfully exaggerated tagline, "The Galaxy's Greatest Super Hero!" -- Kevin Melrose

"The Shade" #5, by Javier Pulido (DC Comics)

Javier Pulido does a fantastic job drawing the reader in with the stark contrast between the subject's cape and the background -- so much so you could almost miss the subtle line work. Pulido's placement of the action scene on the cape is perfect, splitting the cover into two parts: those who watch and those who take action. --Steve Sunu

"Spaceman" #4, by Dave Johnson (Vertigo)

In a departure for the series, Dave Johnson abandons the 1950s sci-fi novel approach to the covers and instead embraces a more contemporary look. The result, however, is no less striking. -- Kevin Melrose

"The Unwritten" #34.5, by Yuko Shimizu (Vertigo)

For this story set during World War I, Yuko Shimizu seems to draw inspiration from Renaissance paintings for a breathtakingly ethereal image evocative of the Angels of Mons and countless battlefield visions. -- Kevin Melrose

COVER OF THE WEEK: "Six Guns" #5, by Butch Guice and Jason Keith (Marvel)

While Butch Guice and Jason Keith could've pulled off a solid image simply by focusing on the intricate line work on the gun and the face beside it, they push it into Cover of the Week territory with their treatment of the smoke swirling about from the recently fired six-shooter. The smoking gun forms a haunting face, with a shocking expression locked in a silent scream. The best part is the indifference the shooter displays though Guice and Keith only reveal the bottom half of her face. -- Steve Sunu

With that, we look back at the five Covers of the Week, all contenders for the Cover of the Month for February: "Six Guns #5, by Butch Guice and Jason Keith; "The Amazing Spider-Man" #679, by Mike Del Mundo; "Conan the Barbarian" #1, by Massimo Carnevale; "Daredevil" #9, by Paolo Rivera; and "Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz," #9, by Skottie Young.

And CBR's February Cover of the Month is ...

"Conan the Barbarian" #1, by Massimo Carnevale (Dark Horse)

Reteaming with "Northlanders" writer Brian Wood, cover artist Massimo Carnevale establishes from the get-go that this isn't the Conan we're accustomed to from decades' worth of comic stories: The brawny, brutish warrior has given way to the brash, young upstart. As Carnevale demonstrated with "Northlanders," and "Y: The Last Man" before that, he's an expert painter with a mastery of light and color, presenting a determined Cimmerian bathed in golds and reds, glowing against the murky backdrop of the ship and its crew. -- Kevin Melrose

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