Cover Sneak Peek: Spider-Girl #39

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Hey, True Believer!

You know, sometimes art lands on my desk -- or in this case, on my computer -- that I just know you'd love to see. Case in point, this sweet shot of "Mayday" Parker that will grace the cover of SPIDER-GIRL #39. It was crafted by Udon, the same terrific talents that, along with Studio XD, will soon be bringing you the monthly adventures of those mighty mutants in the pages of X-MEN: EVOLUTION.


Cover By Udon

Tom DeFalco(w)/Pat Olliffe(p)/Al Williamson(i)

In the wake of last issue's startling bombshell about her mother, Spider-Girl struggles to get her personal life together while her father, Peter Parker, begins to uncover the secret of the new Spider-Man -- with the help of a former Spider-Woman! Plus: The new Green Goblin takes on Crazy Eight and Funny Face! "The engagingly soapy twists of SPIDER-GIRL keep getting better and better." -IGN.com

On Sale Oct. 3rd $2.25

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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