Cover Previews: 'Thor #47,' 'Avengers #52' and 'Citizen V #2'

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Once again we just had too many covers and not enough space. So since these way cool images couldn't fit in the March 2002 Marvel catalog, Sr. Editor Tom Brevoort gave me the big O.K. to send them to you!

Cover by Tom Raney & Scott Hanna

Dan Jurgens (w)/Tom Raney (p)/Scott Hanna (i)

As Thor leads the forces of Asgard into all-out war in the domain of the Giants, a strange new vulnerability is brought to light! Is the Enchantress responsible? Or are her dark magicks the only hope for the critically-injured Designate, Tarene?

On Sale March 6th (MarvelPG)


Cover by Kieron Dwyer & Rick Remender

Kurt Busiek (w)/Kieron Dwyer & Rick Remender

The final stage of the Kang War begins here, as the remaining Avengers strike back both on Earth and in space! If they fall, the world isn't just lost - it's doomed! Plus, Thor approaches a dramatic decision in the wake of Earth's darkest hour!

On Sale March 27th (MarvelPG)


Cover by Mike Deodato

Fabian Nicieza(w)/Lewis Larosa(p)/Jim Royal(i)

How can Citizen V defeat a man absorbing the living energy of every single man, woman and child in China? Who is the mysterious god, Marduk - and to find him, why did John Watkins II seek the help of a familiar mutant telepath? Oh yeah, and a member of the V-Battalion is liquefied by... heavy breathing?

On Sale March 6th (MarvelPG)


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