Cover of the Week - January 9: Dr. Doom Kitty Purrs to the Top

Each Monday, staff writers Kevin Melrose and Steve Sunu discuss their five favorite covers from the previous Wednesday's new comic releases, selecting from among them CBR's Cover of the Week.

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Joshua Middleton is the latest in a line of "Batman Black & White" cover artists to really nail the assignment. His depiction of Batman's face morphing into a colony of bats is a perfect representation of the character, as well as an excellent showcase of Middleton's artistic skill. Even with only half of Batman's face showing, the image is incredible effective, especially for a series like "Batman Black & White," where creativity is the name of the game. -- Steve Sunu

I really enjoy Darwyn Cooke's diversity in style and approaches to covers -- compare his recent "Batwing" work to his "Rocketeer" and "Parker" -- and that he went all out with this futuristic "Batman Beyond"-style illustration for a "Gothtopia" tie-in. -- Kevin Melrose

Phil Noto's work has always been incredible, and he really brings his A-game to the launch of "Black Widow." The color choices are especially excellent, with Noto opting to go with black, red and white for the minimalist effect. The image itself is masterful -- Natasha's face in red looking over the skyline of mother Russia -- but the best part is the subtle crosshairs and Black Widow emblem in her left eye. It's a perfect representation of the character and the series itself, suitable for framing. -- Steve Sunu

This issue is part of the Cinderella/"Of Men and Mice" arc, but you don't have to know anything about that arc to appreciate the juxtaposition in Adam Hughes' image of the cold, deadly gun and the seemingly cute and harmless mice. -- Kevin Melrose

Stephanie Buscema takes the award for best themed cover with her "Avengers A.I." #8.NOW Animal Variant. Buscema's style evokes a children's storybook in the best way, and while the kitty Doombot is an excellent piece of work, it's the pitch-perfect take on The Vision as an owl that really makes this cover shine. Excellent coloring, wonderful linework -- just a fantastic representation of how a variant should be done. -- Steve Sunu

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