Cover of the Week - January 22: "Deadly Class," "Wonder Woman" & "The Unwritten"

Each Monday, staff writers Kevin Melrose and Steve Sunu discuss their five favorite covers from the previous Wednesday's new comic releases, selecting from among them CBR's Cover of the Week.

Keep reading for Kevin and Steve's favorites from the week of Jan. 22, and then discuss your choices in the CBR forums.

Mike Allred gives a clever nod to the classic TV series' window-cameo gag with this illustration that depicts the Dynamic Duo scaling the masked visage of Lincoln on Mount Rushmore in support of - who else? - the master of disguise False Face. -- Kevin Melrose

Wes Craig's "Deadly Class" #1 cover is just cool. While the character line work certainly shows off Craig's deft talent at detail, it's the overall design that really makes this cover a visual treat. The background blue-and-white juxtaposed with the single pink line in the foreground and the fully-colored character in the middle ground make for a great visual showcase for Craig's design work -- not to mention the little skull in one of the circles. -- Steve Sunu

I like when the "Pop Gun War" creator dips his toe into more mainstream fare, like "Omega the Unknown," "Prophet" or "Deadly Class," even if in the case of the latter it's only for a variant cover. His work differs so much from that of series artist Wes Craig that it creates an amazing contrast. There's something about Dalrymple's style that feels rooted in the raw, ornate drawings scrawled in the pages of countless notebooks in countless classrooms. That's showcased here, as the comic's logo serves as the foundation for the rest of the elements on the cover, from the people to the buildings to the trees. -- Kevin Melrose

Cliff Chiang has proved his ability to work actual wonders with "Wonder Woman" covers, and it should come as no surprise that Issue 27 continues this trend. The blood-spattered floor surrounded by broken statues of the gods is a great concept, and Chiang pulls it off in his signature style -- but he really nails the expression of disdain tinged with regret on Wonder Woman's face as she surveys the wreckage. -- Steve Sunu

Cover of the Week mainstay Yuko Shimizu is back with this arresting cover for the first issue of "The Unwritten: Apocalypse," which, according to the solicitation, finds Tom Taylor "stranded at the beginning of all creation." It's only fitting then that Shimizu depicts the protagonist emerging from the shell of a cicada, a symbol of resurrection, clinging to what I presume is a lily, a symbol of birth. -- Kevin Melrose

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