Cover of the Week - February 20

Each Monday, staff writers Kevin Melrose and Steve Sunu discuss their five favorite covers from the previous Wednesday's new comic releases, selecting from among them CBR's Cover of the Week.

This week, Kate Kane is triumphant, Carol Danvers is wistful, "Locke & Key" is photogenic, Nova is space-bound and Wolverine is in for a world of hurt.

Keep reading for Kevin and Steve's favorites from the week of Feb. 20, and then discuss your choices in the CBR forums.

For the conclusion of the Medusa arc, J.H. Williams III captures Batwoman triumphant, standing among the flames and, fittingly, the writhing skeletons of snakes. It's a perfect visual capper to the storyline. -- Kevin Melrose

Carol Danvers' intense longing for flight is almost palpable in Joe Quinones' beautiful cover for "Captain Marvel" #10; it's heartbreaking. I'm not sold on the twinkling logo, but the rest is simply gorgeous. -- Kevin Melrose

It's rare that a photo cover is as compelling its drawn counterpart, but Shane Leonard's cover for "Locke & Key Omega" #3 is just that impressive. The image composition is simple, but it plays with focus and light to great effect, resulting in a cover perfect for the world of "Locke & Key." -- Steve Sunu

There's a raw energy to this cover that we've come to expect from Jock's work, but the appeal of "Wolverine MAX" #4 goes well beyond that. The image immediately raises two questions: How did Wolverine get himself into this situation, and can his healing factor and adamantium-laced bones withstand being driven into the ground by the force of an 600,000-pound plane plummeting from the sky? -- Kevin Melrose

Marcos Martin's covers are always excellent, and his "Nova" #1 is no different. From a design standpoint, Martin really brings his A-game, utilizing negative space to its fullest, adding only a few stars to the void. With Earth below and Nova rocketing across the sun above, it's easy to miss Martin's incredible design sensibility on the "Nova" logo placement, where the star inside the O is just another in the void of space. -- Steve Sunu

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