Cover of the Week: Batman, Lumberjanes, Constantine" & More.

Each Monday, staff writers Kevin Melrose and Steve Sunu discuss their five favorite covers from the previous Wednesday's new comic releases, selecting from among them CBR's Cover of the Week.

Keep reading for Kevin and Steve's favorites from the week of June 11, and then discuss your choices in the CBR forums.

"Astro City" #13, by Alex Ross (Vertigo)

Alex Ross, whose name is synonymous with hyper-realistic portrayals of superheroes, throws readers a curve with the psychedelic cover for "Astro City" #13. The topsy-turvy cityscape melts, even as the background figure stretches and rises, like the contents of a lava lamp. -- Kevin Melrose

"Detective Comics" #32, by Francis Manapul (DC Comics)

Not to diminish the rest of the cover -- it's a perfectly solid -- but my fondness for this piece owes entirely to the treatment of the logo, which serves to accentuate the water line while reinforcing the feeling of claustrophobia created by the tightening tentacle around Batman's neck. I also like that the logo isn't depicted as entirely solid; note the splashes of yellow, mimicking the water. -- Kevin Melrose

"Lumberjanes" #3, by Faith Erin Hicks (BOOM! Studios)

There's something inherently fun about Faith Erin Hicks' art, demonstrated in full by her "Lumberjanes" #3 variant cover. Hicks' skill with facial expressions really comes through here, with clean lines and an overwhelming sense of joy exhibited by the characters. For those that might be unfamiliar with the series, Hicks does an excellent job illustrating the camaraderie between the Lumberjanes, and helps demonstrate the strength of the series in a single image. -- Steve Sunu

"The United States of Murder Inc." #2, by David Mack (Marvel/Icon)

David Mack's cover is perhaps most notable for how understated it is, especially given the artist's usual painted and elaborate style. Although Mack's cover may not feature his watercolor style, the image shows off his design skill; using only the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty blowing the smoke off a gun. It's a disturbing image in many ways, but Mack pulls it off well -- a great thematic companion to the series as a whole. -- Steve Sunu

COVER OF THE WEEK: "Constantine" #15, by Juan Ferreyra (DC Comics)

A personal favorite from his work on "Rex Mundi," Juan Ferreyra has long demonstrated a deft hand when it comes to negative space. Here it's used to great effect to depict both the title character (lighting a cigarette, naturally) and his antagonist without one overshadowing or obscuring the other. The white building to the left and the lanterns above nicely draw the eye up the page, while helping to break up the field of red. It's just a beautiful cover. -- Kevin Melrose

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