Cover of the Week: August 21

Each Monday, staff writers Kevin Melrose and Steve Sunu discuss their five favorite covers from the previous Wednesday's new comic releases, selecting from among them CBR's Cover of the Week.

This week, Lono brings a Chihuahua to a gunfight, Gotham City meets Neo-Gotham, Lobster Johnson tiptoes through the lotuses, Kate Kane wrestles with demons, and lil' Legion goes for a ride.

Keep reading for Kevin and Steve's favorites from the week of Aug. 21, and then discuss your choices in the CBR forums.

"100 Bullets: Brother Lono" #3, by Dave Johnson (DC Comics)

Dave Johnson transitions from classic Mexican horror to shoot-'em-up action with the cover for "100 Bullets: Brother Lono" #3, as the title character, smiling and chomping on a cigar, stands smiling amid a hail of bullets - in stark contrast to the terrified Chihuahua tucked in his shirt. I love the skull and crossbones in each explosive burst; it's something Johnson used during his terrific "Punisher" run. -- Kevin Melrose

"Batman Beyond Universe" #1, by Sean Murphy (DC Comics)

Sean Murphy's cover for "Batman Beyond Universe" #1 evokes that feel and fun of the original animated series while still maintaining the artist's signature style. Every element, from Terry McGinnis/Batman in the background to the whimsical expression on Batgirl's face in the foreground, is lovingly crafted -- but especially impressive is the shift from the Gotham City of the modern day to the futuristic tech of Neo-Gotham. -- Steve Sunu

"Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus" #2, by Tonci Zonjic (Dark Horse)

I've long been a fan of Tonci Zonjic's work, and I think this may be my favorite cover he's done. While the floating eyes on either side of Lobster Johnson are suitably creepy, I'm sold on the flames that transform into lotuses. -- Kevin Melrose

"X-Men: Legacy" #15, Mike Del Mundo (Marvel)

Mike Del Mundo's "X-Men: Legacy" work will undoubtedly go down as one of the best cover runs of the year. They're unlike anything else on the shelves at the moment, and they're filled with wonderful little touches of humor. It's no wonder he won the Joe Shuster Award for cover artist over the weekend; it's a well-deserved accolade. -- Kevin Melrose

COVER OF THE WEEK: "Batwoman" #23, by J.H. Williams III (DC Comics)

It's easy to forget that "Batwoman" is just as much about Kate Kane as it is about Batwoman, but J.H. Williams III's cover for Issue 23 brings the vigilante's alter ego to the forefront. The gorgeous image uses black, red and white to illustrate the nightmares surrounding Kate's life, whether it's a haunting specter of Batwoman herself, the skull-faced Director Bones, her father ripping his face off only to be revealed as Batman, her sister Alice, or her partner Maggie Sawyer turning her back on Kate amid all the chaos. It's a fascinating study on family and the roles Kate assigns to them. Williams' execution is flawless, pulling off the dream sequence story on the cover using smoky colors and a harsh contrast between red and white. -- Steve Sunu

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