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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Sunny Gho

New Avengers #9
Preview: New Avengers #9
3 Comic Previews
A STANDOFF tie-in! • Up from the depths! Thirty stories high! He salutes the flag and eats apple pie! • Corporal Todd Ziller is the AMERICAN KAIJU – America’s ultimate …
Civil War #5
Preview: Civil War #5
3 Comic Previews
• The final battle of the Civil War. Heroes and Villains from both sides of the Divide clash in an epic confrontation to determine the future of the Warzone once …
Civil War #3
Preview: Civil War #3
3 Comic Previews
• Peter Parker embarks upon a deadly mission into the Iron with an elite special forces team to retrieve essential materials for Project Bellcurve. Meanwhile, Tony Stark sends Jennifer Walters, …
Civil War #2
Review: Civil War #2
3 Comic Reviews
Charles Soule keeps "Civil War" #2 mostly within its own sphere despite its status as a "Secret Wars" tie-in, and Leinil Francis Yu makes it look appropriately dark and moody in this low-key but well-characterized chapter.
Civil War #2
Preview: Civil War #2
3 Comic Previews
• Skirmishes between each side continue in the wake of a failed attempt at peace. General Rogers and his forces in the Blue continue development of Project Bellcurve, the top-secret …
Civil War #1
Preview: Civil War #1
3 Comic Previews
The Civil War never ended. Welcome to the Warzone, where six years of non-stop battle between the forces of the Blue and the Iron have split the nation down its …
Birthright #1
Review: Birthright #1
3 Comic Reviews
"Ghosted" writer Joshua Williamson delivers another strong debut issue, this time with artist Andrei Bressan, as they investigate a missing child and his mysterious connections to the land of Terrenos.
Avengers #32
Review: Avengers #32
3 Comic Reviews
Jonathan Hickman deftly combines plot threads from "Original Sin" with his own storyline in "Avengers" #32, and he and Leinil Francis Yu generate a lot of wow, which just barely offsets the high-level talk and unanswered questions.
Witchblade #170
Preview: Witchblade #170
3 Comic Previews
RON MARZ RETURNS TO WITCHBLADE! Sara Pezzini has been a cop, a mother, a girlfriend, and a private investigator. She is none of those things anymore. The only thing tying …
Cyber Force #6
Preview: Cyber Force #6
3 Comic Previews
KILLJOY RETURNS!Velocity and Ripclaw have been left hurting since their last confrontation with CDI. To eradicate the rogue Cyber Force faction once and for all, an even more dangerous and …
Avengers #17
Review: Avengers #17
3 Comic Reviews
A trio of pencilers finishes delivering the establishing shots to Marvel's "Infinity" in the pages of "Avengers" #17, co-written by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer.
Cyber Force #5
Preview: Cyber Force #5
3 Comic Previews
THE END OF THE NEW BEGINNING! The Chairwoman of the massive CDI corporation will stop at nothing to get back her runaway daughter, Velocity. In her rampage, she has ordered …
Avengers #16
Review: Avengers #16
3 Comic Reviews
How "Avengers" #16 is a "Prelude to Infinity" is still a mystery, but Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer and Stefano Caselli are continuing their story of Earth continuing to fight off a planetary infection.
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