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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Scott Clark

Deathstroke #16
Review: Deathstroke #16
3 Comic Reviews
"Deathstroke" #16 has Justin Jordan and Edgar Salazar wrap up a good two-parter with Deathstroke tasked to kill an "unkillable" meta-human. The solution says a lot about Jordan's approach to the character, which bodes well.
Grifter #15
Preview: Grifter #15
3 Comic Previews
• Grifter and Voodoo vs. The Suicide Squad! • Is Amanda Waller responsible for all the bad things that have happened to Grifter? Will he stop shooting long enough to …
Stormwatch #11
Preview: Stormwatch #11
3 Comic Previews
• THE ENGINEER takes center stage! • There is a shadow organization as old as STORMWATCH…but who are they and what secrets do they hold? Source: “Stormwatch” #11
Superboy #10
Preview: Superboy #10
3 Comic Previews
• WONDER GIRL, SOLSTICE, RED ROBIN, KID FLASH and BUNKER all guest-star in a story that connects to this month’s TEEN TITANS #10. • Don’t miss SUPERBOY and WONDER GIRL, …
Grifter #8
Preview: Grifter #8
3 Comic Previews
The Daemonites have taken everything from Cole Cash, and now the world’s greatest con artist will find himself the victim of an absolutely alien grift, forcing him to make a …
Grifter #5
Preview: Grifter #5
3 Comic Previews
Cole and his new partner Sofia make plans to escape the northwest, but first they need a little cash – and that calls for a quick grift. Cole can’t get …
Batman Incorporated #8
Preview: Batman Incorporated #8
3 Comic Previews
Batman Incorporated has moved beyond the physical world and into the virtual one. After Bruce Wayne invites investors to experience virtual reality, dubbed “Internet 3.0,” virtual hijackers take control of …
Irredeemable #27
Preview: Irredeemable #27
3 Comic Previews
Plutonian’s revenge on the Paradigm and Earth is becoming frighteningly real! A battle wages in the heart of a distant sun that will decide the fate of Earth’s heroes and …
Irredeemable #24
Preview: Irredeemable #24
3 Comic Previews
With the Plutonian off world fighting for his life in an alien prison camp, the Paradigm is left with the worldwide clean-up. But what happens when, in the Plutonian’s absence, …
The Traveler #5
Preview: The Traveler #5
3 Comic Previews
BRAND NEW ARC. GREAT FOR NEW READERS! Stan Lee’s epic superhero series with Mark Waid and Chad Hardin continues with a startling new arc that will leave fans breathless! With …
Doom Patrol #20
Preview: Doom Patrol #20
3 Comic Previews
All super hero teams with a high-tech headquarters please take one step forward…not so fast, Doom Patrol! When Cliff, Larry and Rita are evicted from Oolong Island, they discover the …
Irredeemable #23
Preview: Irredeemable #23
3 Comic Previews
The secrets of Survivor’s dead twin brother, Scylla, are revealed! Meanwhile, Plutonian’s off-world imprisonment comes to a climactic and violent turning point when the balance of power shifts. Join us …
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