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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Peter Doherty

Shaolin Cowboy #1
Review: Shaolin Cowboy #1
3 Comic Reviews
Don't worry if you never read the original 7-issue run; the new "Shaolin Cowboy" #1 is loony and beautiful, and honestly that's all you need to know with Geof Darrow's long-awaited return to the character.
Jupiter’s Legacy #1
Review: Jupiter’s Legacy #1
3 Comic Reviews
Mark Millar and Frank Quitely's "Jupiter's Legacy" #1 plumbs familiar territory with the family tree of a super-powered family, but there's a promise to this start that hasn't been present for a while in Millar's scripts
Deadpool #3
Review: Deadpool #3
3 Comic Reviews
"Deadpool" #3 from Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore continues Deadpool's fight against the evil, resurrected Presidents of the United States. It's a funny issue but nothing more.
Deadpool #3
Preview: Deadpool #3
3 Comic Previews
• Deadpool vs. Dead Presidents…this time, TRICKY DICK NIXON! • Can even Doctor Strange help the M w/the M? • This is the Deadpool series you will marry someday!
Deadpool #2
Review: Deadpool #2
3 Comic Reviews
"Deadpool" #2 continues the relaunched adventures of the Merc with the Mouth under the guidance of Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore. It also features some undead presidents like John F. Kennedy and George Washington.
Deadpool #1
Review: Deadpool #1
3 Comic Reviews
Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn and Tony Moore deliver a rollicking adventure chock full of laughs in "Deadpool" #1 as the Merc With A Mouth takes on a cadre of dead presidents.
Hit-Girl #4
Preview: Hit-Girl #4
3 Comic Previews
Mindy finally gets an ultimatum: No more Hit-Girl or else. But when danger lands on her doorstep, Hit-Girl may face her biggest challenge yet: not spilling blood on the living …