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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Leila Del Duca

Shutter #21
Preview: Shutter #21
3 Comic Previews
“ALL ROADS,” Part Four Kate Kristopher learned everything about adventuring from her father, but who taught him? All roads come together for next month’s arc finale, setting the stage for… …
Afar OGN
Preview: Afar OGN
3 Comic Previews
Critically-acclaimed, Russ Manning nominated SHUTTER artist Leila Del Duca teams up as co-creator and writer alongside artist, colorist, and letterer Kit Seaton (THE BLACK BULL OF NORROWAY, EVE OF ALL …
Another Castle #1
Review: Another Castle #1
3 Comic Reviews
In Andrew Wheeler and Paulina Ganucheau's "Another Castle" #1, Princess Misty learns of her mother's fate and decides her own future when she stumbles upon a castle in Grimoire, the land of her family's greatest enemy.
Deadskins #1
Preview: Deadskins #1
3 Comic Previews
MATURE READERS A Harvard-educated Dandy and his blind, drunk companion are all that stand between the Old West and a Zombie Indian Apocalypse. The true story of Custer’s Last Stand …
Boy-1 TPB
Preview: Boy-1 TPB
3 Comic Previews
In the fast-approaching future, when the drug-addled heir of a genetic-engineering company begins to investigate his company’s murky past, he discovers he is the catalyst in a terrifying global event …
Shutter #18
Preview: Shutter #18
3 Comic Previews
“All Roads” Part OneKate knows everything! We don’t! The first issue in a series that sheds light on the past Kate and company tried to leave behind, and the answers …
BOY-1 #4
Preview: BOY-1 #4
3 Comic Previews
MATURE READERS ONLY Molecular biologist Jadas Riezner has discovered he is the subject of a clandestine experiment to make world’s first biologically advanced human and the catalyst for the next …
Shutter #12
Preview: Shutter #12
3 Comic Previews
THE EXTRA-SIZED FINALE TO YEAR ONE IS HERE! NO ADS! Year One of the critically acclaimed series comes to an explosive end in a massive cover-tocover story promising to change …
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