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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Guy Major

Green Arrow #4
Preview: Green Arrow #4
3 Comic Previews
“The Death and Life of Oliver Queen” part four! Black Canary steps through the deadly gates of Inferno, the global super-villain answer to Fort Knox, to discover the truth behind …
The Flash #52
Preview: The Flash #52
3 Comic Previews
The Riddler has seized control of Central City. If The Flash moves, he’ll put everyone he loves in mortal danger. To save the city-and himself-he’ll need help from the unlikeliest …
Aquaman #44
Preview: Aquaman #44
3 Comic Previews
The relationship of Mera and Arthur is on the rocks. After all, Mera wants Aquaman dead. Now, the estranged lovers are about to meet face to face. Is a reconciliation …
Aquaman #43
Preview: Aquaman #43
3 Comic Previews
Since his exile from Atlantis, Aquaman has been exhibiting strange new powers. Now learn the secret of these powers as the former king comes face-to-face with Poseidon! And as the …
Convergence: Batgirl #1
Review: Convergence: Batgirl #1
3 Comic Reviews
"Convergence: Batgirl" #1 by Alisa Kwitney, Rick Leonardi and Mark Pennington marks the return of both Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown as Batgirls, and Gotham's choice of who is named a champion is a surprise to at least one of them.
All-Star Western #31
Review: All-Star Western #31
3 Comic Reviews
Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray show their usual excellent storytelling skill in "All-Star Western" #31, but their Madame .44 backup doesn't have the same vibe, but Staz Johnson and Jose Luis Garcia-López make both look great.
Batwoman #27
Review: Batwoman #27
3 Comic Reviews
Francis Manapul stops by "Batwoman" #27 to help writer Marc Andreyko and artist Jeremy Haun tell their tale of Batwoman's fall through the streets of Gotham City and through her own history.
Stormwatch #19
Review: Stormwatch #19
3 Comic Reviews
Jim Starlin and Yvel Guichet perform a reboot in "Stormwatch" #19, and if it sticks, consider myself intrigued with the blatant nature of its action as well as the direction the book is headed.
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