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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Blond

Sinestro #22
Preview: Sinestro #22
3 Comic Previews
The Sinestro Corps has a new leader…and a new set of problems! As Soranik Natu takes control of the most powerful police force in the universe, she discovers that walking …
Dead Squad #4
Preview: Dead Squad #4
3 Comic Previews
Creators/Writers Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia (Jericho, Human Target) take Dead Squad #4 down a solemn and surprising road. The Dead Squad’s former commanding officer, Colonel Fischer, turned traitor and …
Deathmatch #8
Review: Deathmatch #8
3 Comic Reviews
As the series enters its final stage, readers can sit back and enjoy the game as the number of characters continues to drop and the tension rises in "Deathmatch" #8 by Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magno.
Deathmatch #7
Preview: Deathmatch #7
3 Comic Previews
The battles grow fiercer and the bodies continue to pile up as DEATHMATCH hurtles towards the semi-finals! Inside the arena, the fabled detective faces off against her insane nemesis…and will …
Deathmatch #6
Preview: Deathmatch #6
3 Comic Previews
The arena isn’t the only thing to be afraid of anymore… After last month’s harrowing deathmatch, the heroes fear for their lives every waking moment as the secret combatant sealed …
Batgirl #20
Preview: Batgirl #20
3 Comic Previews
There’s no time to catch your breath after last issue’s shocking ending as an emotionally unstable Batgirl must confront one of Batman’s most violent foes: The Ventriloquist!
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