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Greetings, Art Lovers!

Once again, here's some cool covers -- this time for four upcoming trade paperbacks -- that either weren't finished in time or couldn't fit into our catalog. While they do not feature brand-new art, three of them (Spider-Girl, DD: Born Again, and X-Men: Vignettes) do feature newly recolored and/or retouched art.

Cover by John Bolton* THE SCOOP: Collecting the classic short stories by the titanic team ofChris Claremont and John Bolton!

* THE STORY: The X-Men have been called many things: Outlaws. FreedomFighters. Mutants. But what of the individuals themselves, away from theirmasks, when they're not saving the world? What of their friends, families,and lovers? This beautiful, soulful collection -- reprinting the bonus talesfrom CLASSIC X-MEN #2 - #13 -- showcases some of the most inspired storiesever told of Marvel's ever-popular mutants.

* THE FORMAT: 160-page trade paperback.

On Sale Sept. 12th $16.95

Cover by Pat Olliffe

* THE SCOOP: Her fans saved her book from cancellation -- now you can jointhe fun with this collection!

* THE STORY: Be there from the beginning as May "Mayday" Parker, thedaughter of Spider-Man and Mary Jane, develops amazing powers and strugglesto cope with an ever-increasing rogues gallery... not to mention the perilsof high school! Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe deliver teen drama and superhero excitement as we reprint SPIDER-GIRL #1 - #8, plus her hard-to-find #0issue!

* THE FORMAT: 208-page trade paperback.

On Sale Oct. 10th $19.95

Cover by David Mazzucchelli

* THE SCOOP: One of the definitive tales of DD is back in print!

* THE STORY: Karen Page has sold the name of Daredevil's secret identity tothe Kingpin! Now, armed with this knowledge, the fat man will take his sweettime destroying every aspect of Matt Murdock's life! Cast into the abyss,Matt must battle back, having learned that "a man without hope is a manwithout fear"! Reprinting Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's masterfulwork from DAREDEVIL #227 - #233.

* THE FORMAT: 176-page trade paperback.

On Sale Oct. 24th (MarvelPG) $17.95

Cover by Steve Rude* THE SCOOP: Joe Casey and Steve Rude explore the early days of the X-Men!

* THE STORY: You've read Casey's bold vision of the mighty mutants in UNCANNYX-MEN, now read his interpretation of the original squad! Collecting issues#1 - #6 of the hit mini-series, this adventure digs deep into the lives ofCyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel and the Beast to reveal new depths tothe origins of the first X-Men! Professor X and Magneto stand on oppositesides in the war for evolution -- but which one will draft these powerfulyoung soldiers? Featuring the art of Steve Rude (SPIDER-MAN: LIFELINES),Michael Ryan (CABLE) and Essad Ribic (THE BROTHERHOOD), this saga willplease fans of all ages, with its earnest yet modern examination of thesegifted, but troubled youths!

* THE FORMAT: 160-page trade paperback.

On Sale Nov. 21st (MarvelPG) $16.95

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Mutating Marketing Communications Manager

Marvel Comics

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