Could We See A Flesh-Eating Stan Lee On <i>The Walking Dead</i>?

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is on an interview tour of sorts, teasing the second season of the acclaimed AMC drama, swatting down months-old rumors -- about the writer exodus, about Charlie Sheen -- and perhaps igniting a new one.

Discussing the number of requests he receives from friends and colleagues wanting to appear as walkers, Kirkman acknowledges to The A.V. Club, "I’d like to be able to tell everyone 'yes,' but there are only so many zombies you can get into a show."

However, when the series returns in October, viewers may want to keep an eye out for some familiar, if decaying, faces. "There are a few people who have asked me, and there may be some fun cameos for comics fans popping up in the second season," says the writer and executive producer. "I don’t wanna call these people out; it might annoy them. Honestly, Stan Lee asked to be a zombie on the show— that’s possible."

Hey, Lee has made cameos as a street vendor (X-Men, Spider-Man), a security guard (Hulk), a mail carrier (Fantastic Four), a "waterhose man" (X-Men: The Last Stand) and himself (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Iron Man), and that's just for starters. He would surely kill as a zombie.

On more weighty issues, Kirkman explains that no writers were fired by showrunner Frank Darabont, but rather followed executive producer Charles H. Eglee when he left to develop the Powers adaptation at FX. "No one got fired," he says. "It’s really not that big a deal; writers change from season to season all the time."

Kirkman tells Heat Vision that The Walking Dead has a full writing staff for Season 2:  Scott Gimple (FlashForward), Angela Kang (Terriers) and Evan Reilly (Rescue Me), and a freelancer, plus Darabont, new executive producer Glen Mazzara and himself. "All that reporting about the writers being fired and going freelance, that was all something that never really happened," he adds.

And what was that about Stephen King and son Joe Hill (Heart-Shaped Box, Locke & Key) writing an episode?

"I can't really talk about that," Kirkman says in a video interview with Comic Book Resources. "All I can say is that discussing that publicly was slightly premature. All parties involved would love to make that happen. I mean, I think that Stephen King and Joe Hill, who would actually write that episode with him, which we're very excited about, I think that they're both really interested in it -- they like the show, they think it would be a fun thing to do. And I know everyone involved on the AMC side and Darabont's camp and me personally -- I would love to have that happen. So we're hoping to make it work, it's just not finalized just yet. So we'll see."

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