Could the next comics-to-film adaptation be Ross Campbell's <i>Shadoweyes</i>?

Is it just me, or have comics become catnip for movie-makers? Well, this time the cat has gone outside the normal stomping grounds and found an unusual treat.

Wet Moon Cartoonist Ross Campbell posted on his DeviantArt blog that a film-making friend of his is working on a short film based on Campbell's 2010 superhero graphic novel Shadoweyes. Filmmaker Bo Bradshaw has been a prolific short film producer, and just wrapped work on a feature-length documentary that was just shown on PBS called 759 Dresden. The comic adaptation of Campbell's book is called Shadoweyes: Out of the Shadows, and on a website set up for the project Bradshaw outlines where they're at in the production and the current openings to staff the short film production. Bradshaw hopes to crowd-source the funding of the project in something akin to Kickstarter. This live-action film is planned to be shot in and around Orlando, Fla where Bradshaw is based.

Campbell will be involved in the short film project, while also finishing work on the book's sequel, Shadoweyes In Love.

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