Could One Of These Men Play Captain America?

The time for Will Smith rumors and other wild speculation to end as a real casting push for Marvel Studios and director Joe Johnston's "The First Avenger: Captain America" is well under way. According to a report on The Hollywood Reporter, the studio and the man behind the recent action horror film "The Wolfman" have started the process of screen testing several actors to play the titular hero Steve Rogers in the World War II era origin film, making their own case of Hollywood "Who Will Wield The Shield?"

While many have called for an unknown to play the hero who will eventually headline the company's superhero team-up flick "The Avengers" along with Robert Downey, Jr.'s Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth's Thor, there are more than a few familiar names for both regular movie goers and comic fans on the official list of candidates. Below, CBR runs down the men who will be screen testing for the part this week, and compares their looks to the versions of Steve Rogers dreamed up by some of the biggest names in comics.

John Krasinski [Art by Bryan Hitch]

Best known for playing the scruffy everyman romancer Jim Halpert on NBC's hit sitcom "The Office," Krasinski is perhaps the most recognizable name in the running thanks to that series success as well as his own turns as leading man for smaller comedy films like "License To Wed" and "Away We Go." But will those successes easily translate to a widescreen action movie hero?

Patrick Flueger [Art by Marcos Martin]

Flueger's biggest role came with the USA Network's sci-fi ensemble "The 4400" where over the course of four seasons he took the character of Shawn Farrell from uncertain teenager to power suit-wearing religious leader. Whether or not those skills mean he'll land a chance of taking Steve Rogers from scrawny enlistee to super solider is hard to say.

Chase Crawford [Art by Ron Garney]

The dreamy "Gossip Girl" star certainly is a hit with teenager viewers of the CW drama, but the real test to see if Crawford can provide a little box office boost will come next year when he takes Kevin Bacon's role in the remake of "Footloose." And as THR pointed out, at this point the actor is in talks to screen test, though his rolling with Rogers lines in his mouth is not a done deal.

Scott Porter [Art by Tim Sale]

Porter's inclusion on this list should come as no shocker to comic aficionados. The "Friday Night Lights" actor is a card-carrying member of the fanboy nation, attending plenty of comics conventions and often speaking of his desire to play superhero parts including citing Steve Rogers as a particular interest. Though wanting a part and getting one are two very different things.

Mike Vogel [Art by Olivier Coipel]

While he starred in solid genre hit "Cloverfield," many movie goers may be unfamiliar still with Vogel thanks to a certain 40-story scene-steeling co-star. But the actor will soon appear in the comedy "She's Out of My League" showing whether or not he can draw enough interest to play Cap.

Michael Cassidy [Art by Butch Guice]

Cassidy presents an interesting case of superhero movie "coulda been" as the actor was once in talks to play the Man of Steel when director McG was prepping a Superman relaunch. In the meantime, he's been waiting for his big break appearing in TV series including a seven-episode stint as Grant Gabriel in "Smallville."

The Hollywood Reporter also noted that Garret Hedlund of the upcoming "Tron Legacy" and "Supernatural" star Jenson Ackles were both in consideration for screen testing, however currently both actors have scheduling conflicts that may make them unavailable to take the role. And of course, considering the many rounds of casting it took Marvel Studios and Kenneth Branagh to cast the unknown Hemsworth as Thor, none of the above candidates may finally take the red, white and blue shield for a spin.

Until it's known for sure, sound off in the CBR forums and look back for more "Captain America" news as it becomes available.

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