Could Marvel's <i>Reborn</i> bring us back to <i>Truth</i>?

Remember all of that speculation that Marvel's super-secret Reborn will feature the return of Steve Rogers as Captain America?

Well, forget about it -- maybe! -- because retailer Lisa Lopacinski has a theory for you: The five-issue miniseries, which debuts in July, won't center on Rogers but rather on characters and concepts introduced in 2003's Truth: Red, White & Black.

Stay with me, now ...

As evidence, Lopacinski points to the similarity between the cover to Truth #1 and the image Marvel is using to promote a mysterious event in July. But that's only for starters.

Created by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker, Truth followed a regiment of black soldiers who were used as involuntary test subjects in the U.S. government's super-soldier program. The name of the program was "Project Rebirth." The name -- the one advertised, anyway -- of the July miniseries? Reborn.

More support, perhaps, comes from Marvel's message to retailers assuring them that the first issue of Reborn will receive nationwide publicity on June 15, “possibly on par with the media coverage we received during Civil War.”

As Steven Flack commented here earlier in the week, the resurrection of a comic-book character doesn't draw the level of attention that his death did. Would Marvel really expect mainstream news outlets to pounce on the return of Steve Rogers when, for the better part of two years, somebody else has been carrying the shield? Is the publisher instead banking on an African-American Sentinel of Liberty to spark Civil War-sized media coverage?

I have no idea. It's an interesting theory that, on the surface, appears plausible but, for some reason, seems less and less likely the more you think about it. Maybe because it's difficult to imagine that Ed Brubaker's engrossing four-year narrative has been working toward what amounts to a publicity stunt.

But if the theory holds any water, it'll certainly make for an interesting summer.

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