Could "Marvel One-Shots" Find New Life Online?

While Marvel Studios releases are famed for their post-credits sequences, for a few years they were also known for their "One-Shots," direct-to-video short films that explored side stories, and spotlighted secondary characters like Phil Coulson and Peggy Carter.

However, after five shorts -- the last was "All Hail the King," featuring Ben Kingsley's Trevor Slattery from "Iron Man 3" -- the studio stopped packaging the "One-Shots" as DVD and Blu-ray extras, apparently owing to the rise of digital and the overall decline in home-video sales. But that may not be the last we've seen of the "Marvel One-Shots."

In a lengthy interview with Forbes, "Captain America: Civil War" directors Anthony and Joe Russo revealed they're looking into ways to continue story elements through extras with their next Marvel movie, "Avengers: Infinity War.""We can't go into too many details about this, but we are thinking, very specifically, about to do new ways of what you are talking about with 'Avengers: Infinity War,'" Anthony Russo said. "We're just in the beginning phases of figuring them out. Yes, DVDs are gone but there is this wonderful internet platform out there called YouTube."

Although it can be difficult to monetize YouTube, the filmmaker said the content would serve to build anticipation for the feature, like a trailer. "There could do more elaborate versions of trailers, for instance, that are shot specifically for online that will never appear in the movie but that may appear as a kind of short film," he said.

"We're also talking to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram about ways to feed ancillary content to them and to viewers because it'll go viral there and you can reach millions of people," Anthony Russo added. "The platform is changing but it is a lot easier to sit on your couch and Apple TV pops up rather than you having to get up and find a DVD, so it is what it is, and there are always new and different ways to reach the audience."

"Captain America: Civil War" opens May 6. "Avengers: Infinity War -- Part 1" arrives in 2018.

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