Could Chris Pratt Be the New Indiana Jones?

Chris Pratt has wrapped NBC's Parks and Recreation, but he may not be finished with Indiana.

Calling it "an informed rumor," Deadline reports Disney is eyeing the Guardians of the Galaxy star to headline a revived Indiana Jones franchise, picking up the signature whip from Harrison Ford.

That's all there is to the story, but casting Pratt in the role certainly makes sense. Marvel's blockbuster space adventure established his leading man credentials, which will likely be solidified in June with the release of Universal Pictures' Jurassic World. He's also has lined up Antoine Fuqua's The Magnificent Seven, not to mention the Guardians sequel.

There has been rumblings of an Indiana Jones reboot since at least 2013, when Disney acquired the rights from Paramount Pictures following its $4.06 billion purchase of Lucasfilm. A rumor surfaced last year that the studio was  prepared to recast the role with a younger actor if the aging Ford didn't sign on to a fifth film by a certain deadline, however franchise producer Frank Marshall was quick to shoot that down.

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