Could Barry Allen Break Bad in The Flash Season 3?

Barry Allen may be about to learn just how much power can corrupt.

Responding to a question at Entertainment Weekly about whether Grant Gustin's character will still have his powers in "The Flash's" new timeline, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg said he will -- before dropping a tantalizing clue about the third season.

"One of the themes is what does it mean to have power, what you do with that power, and is power ultimately corrupting?" he said.

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Barry already has a tough road ahead of him for Season 3. With "Flashpoint" kicking off the first few episodes, both of his parents will be alive, but he'll no longer be the Fastest Man Alive.

On top of that, Barry may not even remember ever being The Flash. Gustin previously confirmed that Barry will have all new memories due to the events of "Flashpoint." "[Barry]'s starting to have new memories of graduating high school and college," he recently explained. "Memories he never had with his parents, but those memories are replacing other things from the other timeline."

"The Flash" returns for its third season Tuesday, Oct. 11, on The CW.

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