Could <i>24</i> Movie Open In 2012?

Kiefer Sutherland apparently knows something about the frequently discussed 24 movie that showrunner Howard Gordon doesn't.

That's entirely possible, of course, given that Gordon is no longer involved with the project. However, he said just a month ago that, "The 24 movie is on hold for now, although conversations are ongoing. Beyond that, there is no news — at least as far as I know." That followed Fox's rejection of a script by Billy Ray (State of Play), and subsequent rumors of an idea by director/producer Tony Scott.

But that was February and this is today, on The View, where Entertainment Weekly says Sutherland gave a 2012 release date for the movie, despite reports that it doesn't have a director or a start date.

The actor, who played torture-prone federal agent Jack Bauer for eight seasons on Fox, has remained optimistic about the movie -- he's called it “the little engine that could" -- saying two months ago that he hoped to begin shooting as early as December.

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