15 Hilarious Memes Only True Cosplayers Would Understand

Cosplaying has become a very popular hobby and for those extremely talented even a profession. Popular fictional characters from comic books, movies, TV shows, anime and video games are often brought to life at conventions, festivals and all kinds of events. However, different people have different ideas and opinions on cosplay. While the popularity of this form of art is certainly on the rise, sadly some are still of the opinion that cosplay is this weird hobby people waste their time on. But nevertheless, cosplay is here to stay.

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Naturally, when something reaches a certain level of popularity a bunch of hilarious memes inevitably emerge. There is still a lot of stigma and stereotypes surrounding cosplay and cosplayers, which often inspires cosplayers to create memes. The behind the scenes secrets and confessions as well as the hilarious adventures and mishaps cosplayers encounter every time they step outside in costume are also a great source of funny material. So, in case you happen to be a cosplayer, we're willing to bet you'll find a number of relatable memes on this list. But whether you're a cosplayer or not, we're sure you'll have a great time with these 15 hilarious cosplay memes.


People usually don’t tend to respond well to things that the general public considers out of the ordinary, or just plain weird. If you ever tried walking around in costume, when it’s not Halloween, you’ve probably gotten some confused and disapproving looks. While this may not be such a big issue in big cities, small towns are a whole different story.

But why is it that people are so weirded out by cosplay? What is it that makes cosplay more frowned upon than say pants that hang off your posterior? Clearly, we’re not the only ones asking these questions, because someone out there was puzzled enough to create this meme. But seriously, WTF world? Why so much hate for cosplayers? It is a beautiful form of art.


One of the best parts about conventions is all the cosplay. Seeing awesome cosplay of your favorite characters is always a fun experience. However, most of us probably don’t take a moment to think about how much time, effort and money went into creating the cosplay. All we see is the finished product, which often makes us wish we had that costume.

And that’s when reality kicks in. As soon as you start listing everything you need to create the cosplay you want, you realize how much it will cost you. Ask any professional cosplayer and they’ll undoubtedly tell you that cosplay doesn’t come cheap. Lots of different materials go into creating a single costume and affordability plays an important role. And as the meme suggests, what we want does not always coincide with what we can afford.


Fans love to imagine impossible crossovers between their favorite comic book, movie and TV characters. Sometimes creative artists make these crossovers possible with awesome fanart. Other times, cosplayers are the ones to make our dreams come true. An encounter between Gotham’s Dark Knight and the Galactic Empire’s Dark Lord was something we could only hope for, yet here it is.

Now imagine getting on the subway and seeing Batman and Darth Vader about to throw some punches. What wouldn't we give to be on this subway ride, right? Fortunately, someone captured and captioned this epic encounter. Apparently, both Vader and Batman had urgent business to attend to and the only available method of transportation was the subway, but they don't seem to get along all that well.


Compartmentalizing is a necessary skill in life. Most of us like to keep certain aspects of our lives separate, such as our professional and personal life. You don’t exactly invite your stoner cousin to company retreats. However, sometimes we have to separate our friends as well. Either because the two groups can’t stand each other, or because their meeting would be very awkward.

If you have an extremely nerdy group of friends, or in this case a cosplay group of friends, as well as what is referred to as "normal" friends, introducing the two can be disastrous. One cosplayer used the hilarious scene from Thor when Earthlings meet Asgardians in order to give us a very faithful and hilarious depiction of what it’s like when your two very different groups of friends meet each other.


Stock pictures are one of the most reliable source of meme-material images. This particular stock picture became one of the most popular memes of the year. Distracted boyfriend memes are popping out left and right with all kinds of witty and relatable writings. This one speaks the harsh truth about an average day in the life of a cosplayer.

Hobbies are a funny thing and can easily turn into obsessions. Cosplayers usually have a list of characters they plan to cosplay at some point. However, even though you make out a plan and start working on your next cosplay, it is easy to get distracted once a cool new character catches your eye. But as long as you don’t give in to the temptation you should be fine.


Cosplaying is a process. What we get to see and enjoy is a product of hours, days and sometimes even months of preparation. But designing and building the cosplay is not the only time-consuming and tiresome task, some complex cosplay costumes can be rather difficult to put on and at times exhausting to wear the entire day.

While we may not think about these things, cosplayers for sure do. So, one of them decided to share their struggles with this hilarious meme. We have to admit the designing and wearing of the cosplay outfit are definitely the most fun. Sadly, we can’t say the same about putting the cosplay on or feeling as if you’ve been beaten by Captain America once the convention is over.


Conventions usually last for a few days during which time a bunch of conferences and events are held. When attending a four-day convention such as the San Diego Comic-Con, cosplayers will probably prepare a different costume to wear each day. But what if you have too many costumes and not enough time to wear them all?

Enter, the "First World Problems" meme, used to make fun of trivial inconveniences. This anonymous comedian took the opportunity to complain about one of the most difficult problems cosplayers have to deal with whenever they go to a convention. It must be extremely hard to have all those amazing cosplay costumes and not be able to showcase all of them at these short conventions. We feel for you cosplayers.


Wanting to do a cosplay so bad, yet you not being able to afford a proper costume is the worst. The solution: improvisation. When it comes to crafting cosplay costumes creativity is of essential importance. Sometime materials you had never imagined could be used for cosplay turn out to be the missing secret ingredient.

In the case of this cosplayer, his creativity stopped at duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape. It’s a good thing the Bugs Bunny is gray otherwise this guy would have had to go through the trouble of spray painting his low-budget costume. However, not even duct tape comes cheap when you use it in such an excessive way. But this guy does have one thing going for him, this is the creepiest Bugs Bunny cosplay ever.


Cosplaying is often a misunderstood form of art. People from different walks of life understand cosplay in different ways. While to some cosplay means hot girls in revealing outfits, to others cosplay is a waste of time and money. Here’s a hilarious meme which explains just how cosplay is viewed by the people in cosplayers’ lives.

Obviously, moms are not the most supportive when it comes to spending copious amounts of money so their child can go to a convention dressed like a character from a comic book. The society too can be rather judgmental when it comes to cosplay and often sees cosplayers as losers who need to get a life. But even cosplayers themselves don’t have the correct idea about what it is they’re doing. While they may imagine themselves as hotshots, the majority of their time is spent working day and night on their costumes.


In order to look like a certain character, cosplayers have to completely transform themselves. This involves makeup, wigs and all kinds of props and costume elements. When done right, cosplay can come awfully close to the real thing, which is why recognizing people you met while in cosplay can be quite the challenge.

Cosplayers probably experience this on a regular basis, since someone even bothered to make a meme about it. The popular "Who Are You People" meme featuring SpongeBob SquarePants’ Patrick seems like the perfect fit. Imagine walking into room full of people you know and are supposed to be able to recognize and drawing a blank. Now, that would be a cool surprise birthday party. You could go around the room and try to guess everyone’s name and what cosplay you know them for.


The so called "Parenting Success" memes have been roaming the Internet for quite some time. However, this one has to be the best one. Just look at this cool dad all dressed up in his Batman costume attending a convention with his two kids cosplaying as Robin and Batgirl. If this doesn’t warm up your cold black heart there must be something wrong with you.

The opportunity to do family cosplay must be one of the best benefits of having kids. Comic book stories are full of superhero families such as the Flash’s speedster family or, in this case the Batman family. Congratulations good sir, you’ve just mastered both parenting and cosplay. Now, if only every kid was lucky enough to have such a cool dad.


Conventions are both heaven and hell for cosplayers. While they get to spend a few days showing off their awesome cosplay costumes and hanging out with the fans as well as an occasional celebrity, they also have to spend lots of time preparing costumes for the convention. There’s a lot of work going into cosplay costumes and if you keep putting off the preparations you’re gonna have a bad time.

And if you ever wondered what it looks like when cosplayers are late with crafting their costumes for a convention, here’s a pretty good idea. For better or for worse, we live in a time where there’s a meme for absolutely everything. The cosplayer that created this meme appears to have a lot of experience with procrastination and has decided to share their troubles with us.


These two cosplayers seem to be having an awesome time playing out a meeting between Darth Vader and Kylo Ren in a fast food joint of all places. Imagine walking into your neighborhood Burger King and witnessing this. Now, that would be a day to remember. Well, it happened to someone and of course they took a picture of it and captioned it. Because it's the 2010s and we have to make a meme out of everything.

But these two seem to be pretty deep in conversation. Probably discussing their plans to put an end to the Jedi once and for all. As the meme suggests, Darth Vader is passing on the baton to the young Kylo Ren, who seems only too happy to finish what his grandfather Anakin Skywalker started.


If you use public transportation on regular basis you’ve probably seen lots of freaky stuff. There’s always that one person who hasn’t showered since the day they were born. Then there’s that one guy who listens to music without headphones. And, of course, the lady that bought six bags of stuff and jammed four seats. However, the one thing you most definitely don’t get to see every day is Wolverine riding the bus.

It is questionable whether this guy is actually doing a Wolverine cosplay, or this is just his normal appearance. Whatever the case, it is undeniable that he looks a lot like Wolverine. Obviously, he caught the attention of other passengers who were quick to get out their phones and take some photos.


Endless lines aside, conventions are always extremely fun adventures. However, judging by this meme, the best part about going to conventions is hanging out with cosplayers in public, such as in restaurants. The poor lady at the counter looks completely freaked out by the cosplayer before her. The look on her face is priceless. It kind of makes you wonder what the hell this person ordered.

It must be hilarious freaking people out like this. Which is why next time you attend a convention you should remember this meme. Find a group of cosplayers, befriend them, invite them to lunch and then just kick back and watch them freak people out. But make sure to find some cosplayers with pretty freaky costumes, just to make sure.

Do you have any hilarious cosplay memes? Let us know in the comments!

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