Cosmic Ghost Rider Has Created The Most Dangerous Version of Thanos, Ever

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Cosmic Ghost Rider #3, by Donny Cates, Dylan Burnett and Antonio Fabela, on sale now!

For those of you who are not currently reading Cosmic Ghost Rider by writer Donny Cates and artist Dylan Burnett, well, why not? It's an absolute blast! The series tells the story of The Punisher, who is imbued with The Spirit of Vengeance, trying to rehabilitate Thanos' planet-murdering ways. So how does Frank decide to go about doing this? By kidnapping the Mad Titan as an infant and becoming his surrogate father figure, of course. (Look, if that doesn't sell you on this book, then there might be a rift betwixt us which ne'er shall be bridged.)

Now, three issues into this miniseries, and we're realizing The Rider didn't think this whole thing through. We can certainly appreciate hopeful ignorance in a hero's crusade, but Frank's idea was borderline ridiculous from the start. The Punisher is the human representation of iron will and self-justified murderous impulses, and, well, Thanos is the Titan representation of the exact same thing. Just because their respective madnesses are filtered through different prisms doesn't mean their end results are not one and the same. That result, of course, is death. Lots and lots of death.

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In all fairness, the alternate timeline from which Cosmic Ghost Rider hails doesn't offer him many options. After all, in this timeline Thanos has pretty much killed... well, everyone (and no, that's not an exaggeration). Slim pickings in the appropriate role model department aside, Frank Castle must have known that taking on the parenting role of Thanos would have some sort repercussions. Even if Thanos was raised under strict guidelines to only kill those who harm the innocent, it doesn't guarantee how his moral compass will ultimately calibrate. Notions of good and evil, innocent and guilty are all principals people shuffle into columns based on their relative perspectives on the world.

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