All of Cosmic Ghost Rider’s Powers, Ranked

Only just created in 2018, the Cosmic Ghost Rider has quickly become one of Marvel fans' favorite alternate universe characters. In this universe, Thanos conquered not just Earth but the entire universe. Frank Castle, after dying in battle against the Mad Titan, was sent straight to hell. While there, Frank made a deal with the demon Mephisto to become the Ghost Rider.

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After escaping hell, an injured Galactus arrived at Earth seeking help, and chose the Ghost Rider as his new herald, imbuing him with the Power Cosmic. Frank Castle then became one of the most powerful beings in the universe, with many incredible powers. Here are all of Cosmic Ghost Rider's powers, ranked.

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10 Superhuman Durability

Already with the powers of the Ghost Rider, Frank became nearly indestructible. One imbued with the power cosmic, this heroes durability was taken to another level. Cosmic Ghost Rider can survive almost any attack. Even if he is obliterated, Frank can merely reassemble himself using his cosmic abilities.

On one occasion, in particular, Cosmic Ghost Rider survived a direct attack from his master Galactus. Galactus is possible the most powerful being in the universe. Combining Ghost Rider's abilities with the cosmic power of Galactus, it is very possible that Frank can survive even a battle with Galactus himself.

9 Superhuman Strength

Cosmic Ghost Rider in Guardians of the Galaxy

Although the upper limits of his strength have yet to be shown, Cosmic Ghost Rider without a doubt is one of the most physically imposing characters to grace a page of Marvel comics. Although he is actually quite slim, Frank packs quite a serious punch.

During his many adventures, this version of the Ghost Rider has had to face many impossibly powerful enemies. Among these include such powerhouses as the incredible Hulk and Thanos himself. Even though these opponents were much more physically imposing, Frank was able to hurt them quite effectively using simple physical attacks.

8 Hell Cycle

The Ghost Rider's Hell Cycle on its own is an insanely powerful tool. It allows him to traverse over any surface, even if the said surface is vertical. This powerful vehicle is made out of pure hellfire and can be conjured at will.

Cosmic Ghost Rider's Hell Cycle takes this a bit further. Adding to the vehicle a touch of the Power Cosmic gives Ghost Rider the ability to traverse throughout outer space. Although the top speed of the bike has not been determined, it can most likely go beyond light speed, as he is able to travel across the galaxy with relative ease.

7 Guns

Frank Castle was always a fan of guns. This didn't change even after he became possessed by Zarathos and empowered by Galactus. Even to this day, Frank carries guns. Due to his massive levels of power, however, these guns have become quite special.

Choosing to use these firearms as conduits for his power, Frank imbues the bullets with all sorts of cosmic energy and hellfire. Such devastating power is able to annihilate some of the most powerful beings in the universe, such as Uatu the Watcher.

6 Blood Bending

One special ability that has been shown to be unique to this iteration of the Ghost Rider is his blood bending. On a select few occasions, Frank has shown he can manipulate human blood and do with it whatever he pleases.

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Although this power has not been used very many times by the Cosmic Ghost Rider, the implications are quite terrifying. Depending on how powerful this ability is, Cosmic Ghost Rider might be able to drain the blood of any human he wishes at will.

5 Hellfire Chains

Made out of pure hellfire, the chains of Ghost Rider are incredibly strong and completely defy the laws of physics. These chains move freely and are controlled by Ghost Rider mentally. He can manipulate them to stretch to great lengths and quickly dart in different directions.

Because of their mystical properties, these chains are capable of holding and hurting some of the strongest superhumans known to man, such as the Hulk.

4 Hellfire Manipulation

Characters such as the Human Torch and Firestar are very deadly. Their ability to manipulate fire and burn their foes to a crisp is one of the deadliest superpowers possible. Cosmic Ghost Rider has this power as well, except his fire is even deadlier.

Instead of regular fire, Ghost Rider has complete control over a seemingly limitless supply of hellfire. This fire, straight from the hell-like dimension that Mephisto is from, can hurt its victims both spiritually and physically, leaving no one able to escape its burn.

3 Penance Stare

Thunderbolts Ghost Rider Penance Stare on Venom

Ghost Riders such as Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze have long put the Penance Stare to deadly use. Essentially Ghost Rider's most powerful attack,  the Penance Stare can make its victims feel all the pain of the people they have harmed.

As long as the victim feels some sort of remorse for his/her actions, the Penance Stare will either kill them or leave them in a comatose state.

2 Cosmic Energy Projection


Much like Galactus' other heralds, such as the Silver Surfer, Cosmic Ghost Rider has the power to generate massive amounts of cosmic energy. Although there are many practical applications for this energy, it's most commonly directed into deadly cosmic blasts.

Cosmic Ghost Rider can also use this power to heal, molecularly transform, or protect himself. Even though he was only granted a small portion of Galactus' power, the Power Cosmic flowing through Frank Castle's veins make him one of the true powerhouses of his reality.

1 Cosmic Penance Stare


Combining ultimate attacks from both his Ghost Rider and cosmic powersets, Frank has discovered a new attack that is truly a game-changer. The Cosmic Penance Stare is an enhanced version of the regular Penance Stare. Ghost Rider's original attack had one weakness: if the victim feels no remorse, he is immune.

Now enhanced with Galactus' cosmic power, this new Penance Stare attack can eviscerate any sinner he uses it against, turning the pain of all the sinner's victims against him. This time, it doesn't matter if the intended target feels any remorse or not, the attack with work nonetheless. If Cosmic Ghost Rider gets ahold of an enemy long enough to use this attack, they stand no chance.

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