Thanos' Cosmic Ghost Rider Lands Solo Comic

Cosmic Ghost Rider solo series

Marvel Comics' newest fan-favorite character is about to embark his very own solo adventure: Cosmic Ghost Rider, aka Frank Castle from the distant future, will star in limited series written by his co-creator, Donny Cates.

The Cosmic Ghost Rider debuted in November in Thanos #13, by Cates and artist Geoff Shaw. His striking look mixed both the futuristic and the hellish, and his bonkers attitude made him a quick standout in a memorable series. The character is set to receive an origin story in Thanos #16, which goes on sale Wednesday.

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Although no artist has been announced for the miniseries, the announcement did come with a new look at the character in all his flaming glory by superstar artist Mike Deodato Jr.

Cosmic Ghost Rider, by Mike Deodato Jr.
Cosmic Ghost Rider, by Mike Deodato Jr.

The limited series is only the latest announcement from Marvel's "Fresh Start," a company-wide relaunch that promises to put the focus back on classic and beloved characters like Thor, Iron Man and the X-Men.

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Although no date has been revealed yet, the Cosmic Ghost Rider miniseries is set to hit shelves sometime this summer.

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