Cosmic Dogs, Ducks & Monkeys Hit San Diego In Marvel Legends "Collector's Vault" Exclusive

While the cosmic corners of the Marvel Universe may contain multitudes of strange beings, the latest round of Marvel Legends action figures proves that pets are universal.

Revealed at IGN, Hasbro will be offering a new Legends assortment of 3.75 inch figures in "The Collector's Vault" exclusively at Comic-Con in San Diego (Booth #3329). Retailing for $69.99, the set is headlined by cosmic packrat The Collector and fleshed out by an assortment of space-faring animals including Howard the Duck, Cosmo, Lockjaw, and Moon Boy. Meanwhile, the set also features a number of Marvel U artifacts like The Zodiac Key, Casket of Ancient Winters, and the Wand of Watoomb.

For those who can't make it out to SDCC, all hope is not lost. The set will go on sale briefly on Hasbro's online shop and later shows like Fan Expo Canada later this summer in limited quantity.

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