Corvus Glaive: Who is He, What Can He Do and Will He Be Back in Endgame?

The recent release of Captain Marvel may have temporarily distracted fans from the current condition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Avengers: Infinity War, but the post-credit scene instantly brought us back to reality as we get ready for Avengers: EndgameInfinity War left a number of clues and questions after Thanos decimated half the universe's population with a snap of his fingers, including much speculation over who survived the fatal event.

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Some heroes who didn't appear in Infinity War remain questionable, but some of the villains on Thanos' side could also still be running around the MCU preparing for the final showdown between Thanos and the remains of the Avengers. One of those includes arguably his most trusted lieutenant, Corvus Glaive.

What Is The Black Order?

Corvus Glaive Thanos

When the Children of Thanos were first teased in the lead-up to Infinity War, comic fans knew the warriors of the Mad Titan as the Black Order, as they first appeared in Jonathan Hickman's Infinity event. Also known as the Cul Obsidian, the group served Thanos in his search for the Infinity Stones (as well a his children), at least partially similar to how we saw the team operate in Infinity War.

However, while Ebony Maw took on a larger role in the film, Corvus Glaive was Thanos' second-in-command and leader of the Outrider army that attacks Wakanda. While Corvus Glaive appeared to die in the cinematic battle, we can take a close look at his comic history to see why there's a possibility that he might return for Avengers: Endgame.

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Corvus Glaive was created by Hickman and Jim Cheung and first appeared solo in Infinity: Free Comic Book Day, immediately showing his cruelty as he demanded tribute from worlds conquered by Thanos. Glaive then appeared with the rest of the Black Order, which also included Glaive's wife, Proxima Midnight. Infinity War saw the first live-action appearance of Corvus Glaive, played by Michael James Shaw.

Corvus Glaive's Powers And Weapons

Corvus Glaive in Avengers Infinity War

During the film, Corvus and Proxima were sent after Vision and the Scarlet Witch, pitting the pairs of lovers against each other and giving the audience a taste of how powerful these two really were. In the film, Corvus' abilities mirror most superpowered individuals: enhanced strength, speed, durability and senses that make him a very formidable foe. However, the real threat and secret to Corvus' possible reappearance in Endgame is the powerful glaive he wields both in the comics and the film.

The glaive is known to be able to slice through any known thing or being in the universe, shown to great effect in Infinity War when it slices through Vision on more than one occasion. However, Corvus has a special connection with his weapon that is responsible for the character's frequent cycle of death and rebirth in the comics. Provided that the glaive remains intact, Corvus is able to survive death, including complete obliteration.

He's survived death a few times now in the comics, which has led to much speculation about his apparent death in Infinity War. During the climactic battle, Corvus is impaled by his own glaive and seemingly taken out of the battle. However, the glaive is clearly left intact after impaling Corvus, which leads to the possibility that he would be able to recover from the injury due to his connection with the weapon... provided he wasn't also snapped out of existence.

Could Corvus Glaive Show Up In Avengers: Endgame?

While the rest of the Children of Thanos were most definitely killed off during Infinity War, it's very likely that Corvus Glaive could reappear alongside Thanos against the remaining heroes in Avengers: Endgame. It only seems fair, considering the Avengers will be getting a much-needed power boost from Captain Marvel when they face off against Thanos again.

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Of course, while Corvus was at one time one of Thanos' most loyal warriors, he has in recent years found himself at odds with the Mad Titan, so it's also possible the Avengers could benefit from a possible "enemy of my enemy is my friend" scenario. Either way, Corvus' potential rebirth in Endgame is sure to change to odds of the climactic battle, upsetting the balance Thanos fought so hard to achieve.

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers: Endgame stars Robert Downey Jr., Josh Brolin, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Olsen, Chadwick Boseman, Sebastian Stan, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Bettany, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Benedict Wong, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista, Pom Klementieff, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Holland and Anthony Mackie. It hits theaters on April 24.

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