Corto Maltese sets sail with new story by 'Blacksad' writer

Corto Maltese is one of the most prized series and characters in European comics, and now he's coming back.

The comic's longtime publisher Casterman has announced the October 2015 release of the first new Corto Maltese story in 25 years. As creator Hugo Platt passed away in 1995, Blacksad writer Juan Diaz Canales will be joined by artist Ruben Pellejero for the new story. There's no word word whether this will be serialized or published as a standalone book, but Casterman promises it will be released simultaneously in Europe in French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. What about English-speaking audiences? Well, that's another story.

Although Corto Maltese is one of Europe's comic treasures, it never gained the mainstream acclaim in the United Kingdom or the United States. IDW recently announced plans to publish the complete Corto Maltese beginning in December with Under the Sign of the Capricorn; if those prove successful, perhaps the publisher will consider picking up the rights to the new story.

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