Corrections To Kirkman Is Jericho Post Hastily Made This Morning: I Forgot Poland

Hi, folks! It's CBR's ombudsman who totally exists, Guillermo!

Just want to clear a few things up about Brad's post from this morning! Under Brad's name! Because Brian won't let me sign in myself! Also, I use an exclamation point at the end of every sentence because I was taught how to read using Bob Haney and Gardner Fox comics!

Brad apologizes for forgetting to mention Image Comics at all in the post, especially when he could have used them as his example for a comics company started under the banner of popular superhero creators doing creator owned work! To be fair, the current Image resembles the original, Marvel-superstar (and Whilce Portacio and Jim Valentino) driven original Image in absolutely no way, so I just forgot it entirely! That and Kirkman publishing all of his creator owned stuff through Image. That was really bad of me. I mean him, Brad, not me! I totally exist! But, at any rate, quite an oversight there.

Really me/Brad (okay, I'll come clean; he's my symbiote), would be totally down for a bunch of a line of creator owned comics. All I/we care about is good comics, really. Or at least comics we like. We do like Hack/Slash and Secret Invasion, so our taste may be in question to some. We've just never cared about whether the comics come from. The fact that we like fights 'n' tights comics may have something to do with that, but still.

He also apologizes for implying that Warren Ellis phones in his Marvel superhero work! Mainly because phonining it in such an archaic phrase to describe a tech junky like Ellis. I should probably have used Blackberry it in there, or something even more cutting edge, like radio telepathy. But yeah, not fair to Ellis there.

I, Guillermo, am not touching that 60 things I hate thing Brad did. I want to totally distance myself from that. I totally love Mike Sterling and ADD! I mean, just because I'm a symbiote doesn't mean I don't have some opinions of my own. Same way with Eddie Brock and Venom. One loved Pat Benatar, the other didn't. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to guess which one.

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