Corpus Christi now has its own Dynamic Duo

It may be a while before fans see Batman and Green Arrow team up on television or in film, but in Corpus Christi, Texas, it's another story.

The Corpus Christi Caller profiles Hector Peña, who for the past three months has dubbed himself the Batman of Corpus Christi -- an identity he modeled after the Batman of San Antonio (yes, there is one). Dressed in a costume from Party City, the Navy veteran makes appearances at school and community events and even private parties, in hopes of sending a message to kids.

“Anyone can be a hero too," he told the newspaper, which features some great portraits of him in costume. "All you got to do is make yourself available.”

And soon, Batman will have company: On his Facebook page, Peña announced he'll be joined by the Sparkling City Vigilante, the local version of Green Arrow (Corpus Christi is known as the Sparkling City by the Sea). Can a Corpus Christi Justice League be far away?

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