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“Corporate Ninja” Strikes Comics Shops This November from SLG

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“Corporate Ninja” Strikes Comics Shops This November from SLG

Official Press Release

When your profits are plummeting and your marketing strategies have all but failed you, there is only one place to turn, one person who can possibly rescue you from the flames of commercial oblivion. The Corporate Ninja!

Armed with only a katana and his razor sharp wits, Corporate Ninja springs into action, deciphering obtuse marketing copy, cutting through red tape, and fixing that big, black thing in the copier…you know that thing, the thing that makes the pages come out all printed and stuff? He fixes that thing!

SLG Publishing is proud to present a new addition to our comic book lineup, Corporate Ninja by Matt Mocarski, an action-packed comedy about that most lethal of office-work positions.

“It started as an anthology piece that I was going to do with a buddy of mine,” says Mocarski. “There was a lot of talk, but it never quite got off the ground. When I decided to do a book on my own, I knew it was the story I wanted to do. The idea kind of stuck in my gut. I love to make people laugh. I wanted Corporate Ninja to really reflect my personality. I don’t remember the exact way the idea popped into my head. All of a sudden it was just… there.” Figures. Ninjas. You know how it is.

Bucking the current trend in comics, Matt Mocarski is committed to making sure that each story is a self-contained unit of ninja-y goodness.

“I wanted to make something that people could read in any order they wanted and still enjoy the story. Why should I punish people if they didn’t buy issue #2? I think that’s why trades are so popular nowadays. You get the story in one sitting. Single story issues also force me to make each issue as interesting as the next. There’s no ‘climax’ issue that takes all the glory. All issues are created equal.”

At first this line of work may not seem good fit for a feudal Japanese assassin, but the good Mr. Mocarski sets the record straight, “The book is about a Ninja who lives in a world where he’s no longer needed, so he finds a place where a morally corrupt and cutthroat ninja would fit in… and that’s Big Business. When these corporations have problems, he shows up to help. The problem is that he only knows how to do ninja type stuff, so usually he just gets frustrated and kills everything. But behind the crazy decapitation and kung-fu battles, it’s really a story about being frustrated with your career. I think that’s something we can all relate to.”

You had us at decapitation, Matt.

Only by purchasing several thousand copies of Corporate Ninja will you be able to see your own heartless workplace perfectly realized on paper, except, you know, funny. Corporate Ninja #1, a sparkling addition to your library of the world’s great literature, is written and drawn by the shadowy and elusive Matt Mocarski and published by SLG Publishing. Coming in November and available for order now from your local comic book retailer.

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