Cornell & Stegman Relaunch "Wolverine" With Some "Payback"

As many hypothesized, The recent All-New Marvel NOW! one-word "Mortal" teaser was for the All-New Marvel NOW! relaunch of "Wolverine," which gets a new #1 issue in February courtesy of writer Paul Cornell and artist Ryan Stegman.. Revealed by Marvel.com, Cornell and Stegman's debut arc "Payback" sees Wolverine working for a crime boss called The Offer, along with a host of "minor-league super villains."

"The Offer is a minor super villain gang boss who has the power to make the best possible offer," Cornell told Marvel.com. "It's not hypnotism; you're free to turn him down. But his offers tend to make people think twice. He's a caring, fatherly presence to his gang, but he's not really a good man. His gang includes Pinch, who Logan is in a relationship with, who can pull threads from any material; Fuel, who increases powers, and thus can make Logan move at high speed; and the Lost Boy, who can make anything ignite, and who has a complicated attitude towards what heroism and villainy might be. Logan worries about him."

Cornell & Stegman are "Mortal" At Marvel in February

The relaunch will also see the debut of Wolverine's redesigned costume which first showed up in Steve McNiven's "Inhumanity" teaser in July.

"I like the simplicity of it. It looks very Wolverine, while still being different from previous designs," Stegman said. "It hearkens back to samurais, which is very neat and very fitting. I also like the simple combination of black and yellow. I'm always a fan of simplicity in character design and black and yellow, to me, really screams Wolverine."

After "Fantastic Four," "Wolverine" is the only the second existing series to get a hard relaunch for the purposes of "All-New Marvel NOW!" Other existing series, such as "Avengers," will carry All-New Marvel NOW! #1 branding, but will retain the current numbering. ("Avengers" #24.NOW will also be known as "Avengers" #1 for the purposes of All-New Marvel NOW!)

"Wolverine" #1 debuts in February.

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